Monday, August 31, 2015

Week #1

We waited almost a whole week to hear from Jaxson and finally we received the below letter. He tells me he is taking pictures but cant send them while he is in the MTC. SO here goes the first week of Happiness!!!

Hey Everybody! The MTC is amazing! As I got off the plane I was scared, clueless, and just a little kid basically haha. I was able to take a shuttle to the MTC with some other missionaries and that is when you knew you were in for an adventure. One Elder started talking and lets just say it wasn't a silent ride ;) I was an early arrival here so I got put in a room with others, a lot who were from other countries and heard some of the most amazing stories of conversion. One Elders parent was converted because his minister of a different faith read the BOM and was converted and then went one to tell his congregation about it to which over 400 people were baptized! It was during around this time that I saw Elder Morgan Broadhead from Magrath whos in my branch and then later that day I saw Elder Nathan Bennett from Taber. My companion is Elder Vidrine whos from Utah (typical haha) who is going to Melbourne Australia.The next day I was able to see Elder Nielson (yes mom I gave him the $) and Elder Tanner Quinton from Cardston. So 3/4 missionaries I know here are going to Winnipeg! Its great here in the learning. We have different classes each day where we practice with the teachers, and now with a member, and tomorrow we get to teach someone who could possibly be an investigator. One thing everyone should know is that Sundays in the MTC are amazing! I was able to lead a discussion/lesson on the BOM in priesthood fora couple districts (Classes) and later in the evening we got to listen to a speech by Elder Bednar (video). Some of the videos here have never been seen outside the MTC so it was awesome and how we should focus others rather than ourselves. I Love it here and want you all to know that God really did call me to Toronto and that is where I need to be.

So God speed and make the best of your week. This is Elder Toly on Week one reporting to you on happiness.

My old Cardston Cougar basketball Rival, Elder Tanner Quinton!

Package from mom and dad

Provo Temple

My MTC District

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  1. What a great first letter!! He will bring a lot of happiness to everyone.