Monday, September 28, 2015

Week #5 What a great week!

Hey Everybody! WOW, WHAT A WEEK. SO GREAT!

This week we were able to see one of our friends get baptized and confirmed which was sooo amazing. For the opening hymn the speaker hadn't shown up yet so we sang acapella and I could feel the spirit so strong that it was awesome just hearing everyone and the reverence in the room. We were then blessed to hear a couple great talks, 1 which was really profound comparing Naaman when he had to go wash himself in the river 7 times to baptism because baptism isn't a super complicated or grueling thing but If you think about it, is so simple profound and just takes faith to make us clean just like how Naaman had to do something so simple to get rid of his leprosy.
Just Practicing

The Main points of the Gospel really are simple and that is why we are here as missionaries. We are here to tell others that and invite them unto Christ. Anyways I had the chance to bear my testimony and got to hear a couple as well at the meeting. One came from a newer member who had just recently moved into the ward and just knowing that it was amazing to see and feel the Spirit as he testified the truth of the gospel.
This week I was also blessed to go on a exchange with the zone leaders (because my companion is the district leader) and it was so cool to see the standard of being a zone leader. This Elder was always jumping at the opportunity to share the gospel to people of the street not caring what they said to him or if they gave bad reactions because he knew the Gospel was true and didn't care what people thought about him cause he just wanted to help them. This was like an answer to prayers because I struggle with opening my mouth cause I'm scared what people will think or what I'm gonna say but was able to do that on the exchange and I'm now I've gotten better quite a bit even since then.
On Saturday The Stake had a tailgate Football game in the Stake parking lot with a big electric Screen where they watched (Yes "they" not me even though I think I died inside not being able to watch haha) BYU take on Michigan Wolverines. It was so great meeting other people from the Stake and got to Meet Matt Stewart's uncles family. We got to eat some good food and for most of the day were in charge of the missionary obstacle course where younger kids and even the YSA joined in. You had to put a white shirt, tie a tie, find a scripture and run through a obstacle thing then answer a
question at the end. It was so fun!

Also we were able to see an investigator I met when I went on exchanges with one of the Mandarin speaking Elders. The Elder I was with started talking to him and offered a book of Mormon and the man said he would like one but since he wasn't Chinese speaking he went to some other Elders who are now teaching him and he now has a baptism date. Holy Cow its amazing how the Lord works.

Anyways, the weather here in London has been pretty hot even though the leaves are starting to change color. I am actually excited for it to get hot and look forward to the rest of this year.

One thing I just heard from my Dad today before writing this was "Pray as if everything depended on the Lord and work as if everything depended on yourself." Which relates to something me and my dad talked about even before my mission. So the questions for this week are, Do we pray for Gods help and put our trust in him and do we do as much as we can so we can be given that extra hand of help? This week I would suggest we all ask for more help from our Heavenly Father and that we also put in our part as well. I love you all and would love to hear from some of those who I haven't talked to yet.
Lots of Love and This is Elder Toly Reporting on Week 5.
Some Pics Had a little fun while the font was filling and also here are some pics of my planner that my companion gave me and format and also the map of our area and a stellar pic of me posing in a coat we found left at the church haha

Monday, September 21, 2015

Week #4 From London Ontario

From last week ---when Jaxson entered the MTC he actually had a cross over with a friend from our ward who was just coming home. He was excited because he really wanted to connect with Joe before he left. So here are the pictures!


Hey everybody! For everyone reading this we had a good week. Things here in London are awesome. In the previous week I sent a picture of some book of Mormons and just to let you know how different it is here I'll tell you what languages they are in. We have BOMs in Polish, Russian, Hindi, Croatian, Korean, Turkish, Amharic, Japanese, Hungarian, Indonesian, Albanian, Arabic, Tagalog. Chinese, and Spanish. It's been so great to see people from all over the world.

Currently I am serving in the London 2nd Ward and we have three sets of missionaries who go to its sacrament. We have me and my companion, the Chinese speaking elders, and the Hermanas (Spanish speaking sisters) who also attend the Spanish branch after.

Some highlights from this week include teaching a younger couple with a couple of kids. This couple loves superheroes which is awesome and we were able to teach the restoration and invited them to pray and read the BOM to see if it was the truth and they were so willing to, it was awesome! They really want to know and are looking for that something in their lives and that is the gospel.

I was was also able to go on exchange with the Chinese Elders which is when you switch companions for a day and see how others do things and learn from them. I got to stay with one of them and got to go contacting and spoke a little Mandarin to a man and the Elder was able to speak with him fluently in a completely different language which I did not understand haha but now he is an potential investigator so that was awesome to experience.

We also had a Zone conference where everyone in the area gets to come for most of the day and learn how to be a better missionary and learn from the missionary President and his wife. It was great but one thing stood out. He said "Don't worry what others think of you, worry about how they think of themselves." That hit me hard and made me realize I need to stop worrying about myself but to develop that Christ like attribute and care more about others than of myself which is something I think I really am going to work on and would like challenge everyone else to stop yourself every time you use the word "I" too much and try to limit how much you use it.

On Friday we were able to have dinner with a Sister from Sudan and got to have cow liver and I got so full I thought I was going to throw up.

At church we went to my first PEC ( Priesthood Executive Committee) where some great ideas were able to hasten the work and increase the amount of gospel being shared. Speaking of which we have a baptism this Friday WOOOOO. This investigator is awesome has been able to come closer to his Heavenly Father and has worked his way past some trials and was able to give up Smoking. What a great example to everyone of Faith!

I love you all also they have bagged milk here.... no jugs.... JUST BAGS... at first I thought "what the heck" now I guess I'm getting used to it .

Anyways I love you all and thanks for everyone who has shown support. I barely have time to write and read everyone's letters haha.
P.S Found a drawer in apartment where missionaries sign their name and there is one from 1997-1999. Holy Cow. Anyways I was able to sign my name . Also feel so blessed and feel proud to tell people I'm from Southern Alberta so all of you from there don't take that for granted cause we have all been blessed.
Lots of love -Elder Toly Reporting from Week 4

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week #3 in London, Ontario (my first area!)

Look mom, no box spring. 
Hey everybody! Things here in the field are great! Since I didn't get to email last week I will post some highlights:

1. Elder Oaks (Apostle) came to speak to us at the MTC which was awesome.

2. I was blessed with a great district of Elders.

3. Saw an Elder in the MTC who was 7 feet 2 inches!

4. I set the record at the MTC gym for consecutive sit ups. It used to be 608 but I bumped it up to 1052 (Noah you'll have to break that in a couple years =))

I got assigned on Tuesday to London! My trainer is Elder Muirhead from B.C who actually lived in Lethbridge for a little bit and went to GS Lakie and LCI! Its crazy how the Lord works! He is also the District Leader so it's good to see what kind of stuff he does and I get to learn so much. This week I got to meet the ward (London 2nd) and see some investigators. One will hopefully be baptized this Saturday. London is a decently size city with about half the population of Calgary and there's a ton more different cultures and a lot of ethnicity here with people from all over the world. It's great and the crazy thing about London is that there are a lot of churches all around with different beliefs so I guess we got some work to do! I don't have a lot of time left but I just wanna say the Church is true everybody and I know It and love it.

This is Elder Toly Reporting on weeks 2 and 3


London, Ontario is very multicultural and my apartment has many different languages of the Book Of Mormon

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week #2 at the MTC

Jaxson meets his cousin Chace at the MTC
Jaxson sent out a quick email to tell us he didn't think he would get a chance to write this week as he was leaving the MTC September 7th and he wasn't sure when his PDay would be.

Laundry and writing home

Studying between laundry

Jaxson meets his good friend Parker McNabb

He arrived safe and sound in Toronto at the mission home on September 8th and this is the letter we received from his Mission President:

Dear Brother and Sister Toly:

We are grateful to receive your son, Elder Jaxson Toly as a new missionary in the Canada Toronto Mission.  We are including a picture that we took with him when he arrived.  His testimony and enthusiasm for the work are evident.  As his mission president and wife, we thank you for the sacrifice you are making in being separated from him in serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

Dedicated service to the Lord brings many blessings. As a full-time servant of the Lord, Elder Toly will be blessed with a greater knowledge of the gospel and a more vibrant testimony.  He will touch the hearts of many people, and those whom he will teach will be able to change their lives as they receive the peace and knowledge that comes through the gift and power of the Holy Ghost. “Let them go up, for many shall believe on their words, and they shall have eternal life.” (Mosiah 28:7) 

Elder Toly’s current address is:
                                                                445 Pond Mills Road #207
                                                                London, Ontario  N5Z 4W5

We are sure that Elder Toly will love his mission as he is devoted to and focused on the Lord’s work.  We promise to love and care for him.  We testify of the truthfulness of this marvellous work of bringing souls to a knowledge of the Savior.

Serving a full time mission can be the most significant and rewarding experience in a young person’s life.  It is rigorous and challenging and requires great spiritual focus.  Successful and happy missionaries abide by a strict code of conduct and obedience. Thank you for supporting and sustaining your missionary in this great work.

Once again, we thank you for the faith you have shown to the Lord and the sacrifices that you are making.  We feel it a great privilege and responsibility to care for your missionary while he serves the Lord and pray daily for his happiness, well-being, and success.

With love and gratitude,

Weatherford T. Clayton, President