Monday, September 14, 2015

Week #3 in London, Ontario (my first area!)

Look mom, no box spring. 
Hey everybody! Things here in the field are great! Since I didn't get to email last week I will post some highlights:

1. Elder Oaks (Apostle) came to speak to us at the MTC which was awesome.

2. I was blessed with a great district of Elders.

3. Saw an Elder in the MTC who was 7 feet 2 inches!

4. I set the record at the MTC gym for consecutive sit ups. It used to be 608 but I bumped it up to 1052 (Noah you'll have to break that in a couple years =))

I got assigned on Tuesday to London! My trainer is Elder Muirhead from B.C who actually lived in Lethbridge for a little bit and went to GS Lakie and LCI! Its crazy how the Lord works! He is also the District Leader so it's good to see what kind of stuff he does and I get to learn so much. This week I got to meet the ward (London 2nd) and see some investigators. One will hopefully be baptized this Saturday. London is a decently size city with about half the population of Calgary and there's a ton more different cultures and a lot of ethnicity here with people from all over the world. It's great and the crazy thing about London is that there are a lot of churches all around with different beliefs so I guess we got some work to do! I don't have a lot of time left but I just wanna say the Church is true everybody and I know It and love it.

This is Elder Toly Reporting on weeks 2 and 3


London, Ontario is very multicultural and my apartment has many different languages of the Book Of Mormon

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