Monday, October 12, 2015

Week #7 Blessing

Hey everyone! This week was quite nice. As it was Thanksgiving I would like to say some things I am grateful for.

This week we were able to see some awesome things.

  • · On Wednesday I was able to go on an exchange with an Elder who used to serve in the same ward and everything. We went by a couple recent converts and met with one who hadn't been coming to church for a while and it turns out things are going rough for her and she actually recognized it was because of the things she hadn't been doing recently which was so cool and we shared a scripture with her which was Mosiah 25:24. 
  • We then got to go see another recent covert who also hasn't been coming out to church either and she told us it was because her daughter visits her on the weekend and its their only time together, but the daughter doesn't want to come. So we testified of the blessings of coming and invited her to bear her testimony to her daughter how the gospel and church are important to her and now next Sunday she is coming and her daughter is coming! BLESSINGS!
  •  Later that day when my companion came back we were able to go visit a Investigator who once or twice met with the missionaries before but we taught him and it went great and he thinks we are funny. Hopefully we can keep meeting with him! Blessings! At the end of the night we went and visited a Less active couple and brought it up and now one of the Bishopric is coming with us to the next lesson. Blessings!
  • · On Thursday we met with a investigator for Dinner and she had a friend and the lesson went pretty good and he told us that we could come visit him anytime, morning, afternoon or night ( but we haven't been able to get a hold of him since haha but it was still a great experience. Blessings! On Saturday we met with a part member family who has problems smoking, but we had a great lesson and now they are going to try to quit! Blessings!
  • On Sunday we met with a family who feeds us every Sunday and had thanksgiving. They are so awesome and they have some of the cutest kids around. Blessings

  •  Today we were able to go play flag football for stake activity which was SOO fun. So many people showed up and everyone had a fantastic time ( I'll get a picture to you later) and later today we have another thanksgiving dinner. Blessings.

I think we sometimes don't look for those blessings that seem small but generalize them. For example we say that we are grateful for our families when we could say a never ending list of different things we love about each member and why we love them. So look at those specifics and recognize them this week because then you will be able to see how truly blessed you really are. In Alma 37:37 it says "when thou risest in the morning let thy heart be full of thanks unto God" We really are blessed with SOOO many things and once we see that, all those negative things in our lives really are not as important anymore. Anyways since I don't have much time I would like to generalize my blessings (haha sorry) and say I am so grateful for my family and all my friends and also my grandparents and for everything they've shown me.

This is Elder Toly reporting on week 7. LOVE YA
Our Chapel

Compton Crimes

The beautiful colors of fall

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