Monday, October 19, 2015

Week #8 "missionaries (missionary) on a WARPATH"

Hello Everyone! This week was a big week because I went on 2 exchanges and we just got our transfer calls because guess What?!? I have now been in London for 6 weeks and have completed my first transfer! I am done 1/17 haha. Man, how time flies! Anyways, this was a fun week. On Monday night I exchanged with 1 of the Chinese Elders for the day and we had a blast, he enjoyed riding in the car because they take the buses for Chinese work.

 On Thursday, I was SO blessed to go to.... The TEMPLE. It was a temple trip for all the new missionaries who were about to complete their first 6 weeks. We traveled out to Brampton (that's right, the Toronto temple is in Brampton) and were able to attend the session. I can't exactly remember what the answers were to some of my questions but it was so calming to be there and not having to worry about anything in the outside world. Missionary work can sometimes be stressful because you spend so much time helping others, you often forget yourself. By the time we left the temple we were able feel so fresh, new, and rejuvenated and were ready to take on the world. It was great and enlightening. 

After getting back we went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders. I was able to go stay in their area this time. Its always so great to hang with the ZLs because they are leaders in the mission who definitely set an example for the other missionaries in their work and not just words.There is actually a good scripture for this and its "but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister." -Matthew 20:26 These two Elders continuously have impressed me and really set the bar for what kind of missionary I want to be. While on the exchange we went to a returning members house and we were able to hold a Boa Constrictor. This snake was just a baby but will grow to 7 feet long! So cool! 

This week was also awesome I was able to meet more members and bring 1 young man to 2 appointments. He is awesome and we were able to meet a returning member. She is awesome as well. She is originally from Quebec and has a wicked french accent and loves Hockey and a TV show I had watched back home called "supernatural" and loves how I know the show and she came to church was was so great as well as one of our new converts who I haven't seen there yet. We also were able to take another young man out to go tracting and contacting. We didn't have much success but it was fun. Contacted a lady who kept walking and we started walking with her (or rather chasing her down haha) but its great because I am really learning to become more outgoing and going up talking to people randomly. 
This week I think I really started to see the work beginning in the ward and big changes and ideas are coming and hopefully we can get the members excited and involved more which is why I am happy to say I will be staying in London. Unfortunately, my companion is leaving but I am receiving a companion named E. Longson who apparently is HUGE and has a full ride scholarship to BYU for football. I am excited. 
Also, on Sunday we had a bit of a little fun, it SNOWED Sunday morning but for just the morning and was gone pretty much as fast as it appeared. It still for the most part has been nice weather in London and a lot of the trees are still green. One of the young men told me that they usually do not get snow falling till like the first week of December so I have been pretty spoiled but can't wait cause snow reminds me of home! 
Anyways, I love all of you and keep in my prayers!

This is Elder Toly from week 8.

P.s I have now started the phrase "missionaries (missionary) on a WARPATH" (wonder where I got that haha) and hope to make it a thing here in the mission and now have started writting it on my my notebooks and on my comps tie haha

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