Monday, October 5, 2015

WOW--Week #6

Wow. What a great way to end the week. General Conference is always a spiritually uplifting experience for those who hear it.

This week was another blessed time. We visited a recent convert who has not been coming to church for the last few weeks on Monday. We had asked and brought our newest recent convert whose pictures you've seen which was awesome. He was able to share a thought with our other recent convert and then near the end offered to give her a ride to church whenever she needed it. Wow. To me that is amazing, to see one so young in the gospel and already doing missionary work. It reminds me of a scripture "Behold, I sent you out to testify and warn the people, and it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor." - D & C 88:81 This scripture has become one of my favorites while on my mission. It is talking about missionary work and how if you've been told about the gospel we should share it. It does not say just Bishops, or just prophets, just missionaries, or just active in the church for years members. It says "Every man who hath been warned". We should all be willing to share this wonderful light to others not just because we are commanded but because we truly love others and want them to have that same joy In their lives. We do not need to be full time missionaries to share what we KNOW IS TRUE. Anyone can do it and believe it or not it is more effective when regular members are involved. We received stats for our mission while in Zone Council this Friday and the numbers were astounding. Over 50% of baptisms came from Members fellow shipping investigators and part member families. The most effective missionary work is through the members and if you have a testimony, you are more than qualified to share what you believe with others. This is one thing we are working on in our area is becoming better acquainted with the members and the ward council.
Also had some fun moments......

  • Talked to another lady and I was talking to her and said "I'm a missionary" and was so excited but she simply just responded with "that's nice" and went back to her book she was starting to read. I felt so stupid hahah.
  • Also we went to a members house from the Spanish Branch and she gave us this food in corn husk and I tried eating the husk as well cause I didn't know hahahh.

We also had a zone council where a couple members spoke to us and one said something very profound. He said "When you feel so weak you can't stand, you knees are a pretty good place to be."

Which then brings me to General conference. So awesome! I enjoyed Elder Lawrences talk and am truly now trying to pray for things I can do better.

 Elder Martino also said something new, he said "Works without faith is dead" which is very similar to another scripture but swaps words faith and works. This I found was interesting because you can go to church and read your BOM everyday but without faith what are you accomplishing? We need to trust in our Father in Heaven and realize his ways are higher than our ways. Which then leads to a question Elder Anderson posed "how does the savior see your faith" and also said that if our faith is not becoming stronger than it is becoming weaker which I totally agree with. So we constantly need to build and have the desire to build our faith or than Satan is winning. Pres Uchtdorf expressed this and talked about how we need "disregard the ridicule of the ungodly". I then loved the tribute that Elder Bednar gave at the end and could truly feel the spirit throughout my whole body. So now we have heard of these things, the question is what are we going to do with knowledge? I would invite (cause that's what missionaries are supposed to do haha) each and every one of you to work on at least one thing at conference for this next week, month, year, or even life time because it will help you grow.

I truly love you all and pray for all of you. May we share this light with others and have that faith and diligence to come ever closer to our Heavenly Father and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

This Elder Toly Reporting on week 6.

My family sent me a candy gram---Lots of candy I will have treats to eat and share with my campanion

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