Monday, November 2, 2015

Week #10 Tribute to Grandma Pat -GP

Dear family, (not friends) because is that not what we all are is family?

We are all members of this incredible family no matter our background, ethnicity, race, language, or choices. We are all members of Gods family and should be treated as such. I could talk on how my week went, but I think this is more important. Last Monday I was saddened to write about the death of a long time friend. I f there was any specific highlight, I would say I had 2. On Wednesday I was able to talk with my Grandmother who wasn't given much time left on this World. I didn't hear most of what she said, but did hear "I love You" a quiet, tired, and worn out voice that struggled to get the words out especially with the trouble breathing. It was these three words and the meaning that I don't know if I'll ever forget. Later in the week we were tracking and came upon a house with lady and she told us her husband had passed away that week and I felt some of her sorrow and basically comforted her and let her know that he was ok and she started to cry. She then said thank you. It was here that I truly felt missionary work is not just baptizing people but helping Gods children and bring them towards him. This morning me and my companion went to go work out in the gym in our apartment. When we got back I received a call from my Mission President who then told my that my grandmother had passed away. Of course it was shocking and terribly saddening, but he gave me comfort and told me of Nephi 13:8 Which talks about how God know what we need even before we ask him and that He knows how we feel and our sorrows. Later that today I was able to meet with the President and talk. He then brought up a scripture in D&C 84:88 That says "And whoso recieveth you, there will I be also, for I will go before your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you to bear you up." He then went on to tell me that those angels are those before me and my ancestors and my grandmother. When I think of that I think of my Grandma Pat, Brock, my Uncle Brian, and Stacey. All people who I have known who have passed looking out for me and imagine them all around my and I cannot tell you how great peace and love that thought has brought me. I know my Grandma Pat is in a better place and she is looking out for me. I was so happy to know that she had passed with family members and with my mother holding her hand. She is such a great example for me of how I want to live my life and what kind of person I want to be. I am so grateful to have known such a person and am forever in Gods debt that she was my Grandmother. There is a life after this and there are people looking out for us. Just because maybe you can't see them I can guarantee they are there. You all have a huge wave of people cheering you on in this life and wanting to see you have joy and to experience the good things of life through Jesus Christ. And Through and only through Jesus Christ can all of our burdens be lifted as it says in Matthew 11. I just want to let you that ALL of your trials and afflictions are real and I too feel some of your pain but that Jesus Christ KNOWS ALL of OUR Pain and that is why he such an important key in our life. I love my Grandmother, but I am for the most part more at peace knowing she lived a good life and that she Happy because she was ready. Brothers and Sisters, life is too Short to not live like Jesus Christ and I invite all of you as my President invited me, get on you knees and pray to God and just thank him. Don't ask for things, just straight up pray for the good things you've been blessed with and I know you can because the number is never ending. I love you all and just want to let you know you too through Jesus Christ can have angels and loved ones looking after you just Like my Grandma Pat


-Elder Toly

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