Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #12 Good Week!

Dear one, dear all.

Things here in London are fun. On Tuesday we had a new Elder named Elder Landes join us and things have just been a blast. Laughs on Laughs on laughs haha. It has truly been hilarious. The weather here has been particularly interesting. One day it will be pretty cold and pouring rain but for the most part it has been pretty warm here and I feel sort of spoiled coming from Alberta. This week we were able to participate in Stake Conference which was pretty cool. The Stake President is an amazing speaker and does full talks without a piece of paper on the pulpit. Also, President Clayton came on Saturday and gave a great talk with only 2 minutes notice of the topic. It has been fun. We have been able to visit some returning members and New converts and hopefully will plan some member lessons for our newest convert where the members teach the lesson so that is something to look forward to. We were able to meet with our investigator a couple times and he has committed to be baptized in December!!! We were also able to find 4 new investigators who we have appointments with this coming week.

Things are looking bright and this tripanionship is awesome. You feel even more confident contacting people when there are three of you. (I guess is helps when they are 6'7 and 6'2 haha)

Anyways the Lord has truly blessed myself this week. We have been visiting members more and are hopefully gaining their trust more. After Stake Conference I'm hoping that the Ward Council will come together more and that some big things are going to happen. Lots of fun here in London.

The quote or scripture this week is "Nothing in life worth having comes easy. Nothing!" This applies in all aspects of life. If you want to succeed you need to be willing to put in the effort. The same applies in the Gospel. If we want to experience eternal life we must be willing to put in the work here on earth. As President Uchtdorf said in conference "Skepticism is easy. Anyone can do it." It is more of a trial to believe but it is definitely more worth it. So the challenge this week is do something that is hard that will build you faith. Just for the week. Seven days. That's it and then look at how your faith has increased. It can be just reading an extra chapter of your scriptures or saying an extra prayer each day. I promise you faith will increase.

Love you all so much and God Bless.

-Elder Toly

Week 12

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