Monday, November 30, 2015

Week #14 Transfer time

Dear everyone,

What a great week! The opportunity to be here on the earth with the Christmas season near approaching. I'm SOOOO pumped to be able to have my first Christmas here on the mission! Its going to be awesome. This week was a interesting one.

Not a lot of crazy things happened, but on Sunday, my companions and I had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament. We got there and the Stake President also happened to be in attendance which was interesting. Anyways he were asked to speak about the atonement. By the time it was my turn to speak there was less than 5 minutes to speak and I had a pretty decent sized talk prepared and the Stake President had whispered to me to try to make it short so I got up and read a story called the mirror by Robert Fulghum. I also shared this story at my farewell. In the story a young boy finds a piece of a mirror and begins playing with it as a game trying to reflect light into the darkest places he can find and as he grows up he realizes that it is a metaphor for what he can do for his life. That he is not the light but can reflect this light into the dark places of the world and into the hearts of man. I then related the talk to Christ and his atonement on being that light and how we are that mirror, that we can share to the world about Christ and his sacrifice that truly saves us all. I then bore my testimony. I didn't do anything too amazing but read slowly and looked at the congregation frequently and after the Stake President came up to me and told me of how he had felt the spirit while I was speaking and thanked me.

As we approach this Christmas season let us remember that he is the gift and have the desire to share that with others. There is a new hashtag trending #ASaviorIsBorn and there is a cool website you should go check called which you can and should share with your friends.

Love You All.

Elder Toly from week 14

PS just got calls last night and I'm going to Hamilton so I'm pretty excited

me and my friend Elder Lau from Hong Kong he was in my district last transfer and I got to see him again.

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