Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 16

Dear everyone back home,

What a wonderful week we were able to have.

Here in Hamilton it's not really bad at all and all we have been getting is rain and A LOT of fog/mist in the last couple days, but no snow so I'm not complaining ha ha.

This week was pretty swell as we met with investigators, new converts and returning members. Our focus right now is on one of our investigators who has a baptismal date but still needs to quit smoking so we have challenged him to cut back to less each day and hopefully that goes well. We also met with a less active members house for dinner and invited him to come to our Christmas Cantata which we were able to participate in which was really great and he came and also came to church the next day which was great. Also able to meet with a young man who has some struggles at home, but is so great and has a sincere desire to make his life better and would like to be baptized which is soooo great and we are meeting with him later today. Also met with a less active young man which we talked about the importance of reading the scriptures and tried to set up a family history account so he can do family names for the temple and he came to church on Sunday. Blessings! We also have found a couple promising potential investigators (people who are interested but we don't have a follow up appointment....yet! ;) )

So this has been a pretty great week and to top it off, one of the young men in the ward had his mission farewell this Sunday. His father was the Bishop and it was a really touching meeting and I also got to share my testimony.

Great things are going to happen in Hamilton And I hope Things Are well back home for you all!!!


-Elder Toly from week 16

Picture explanation
Me and my companion after the Cantata and also me and my Trainers trainer which is my "grandfather" he is the assistant to the President and this is his last transfer and I am holding the linage tie that gets passed down from one trainer the next

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