Monday, December 21, 2015

Week #17 Merry Christmas


Wow its crazy to think that time has already come. Back in August, I remember some of the Elders talking about the new star wars movie which was to come out around Christmas time and now that time has already come! Here in Hamilton, it's very interesting. Last year they apparently had a ton of snow around this time, but as of now we have nothing but lots of rain. And from what it sounds like is that there won't be snow coming and staying till February. This week we were able to see some good things happen in this area. We found five new investigators and were able to see some less active members at church. YES! We also set a baptismal date for January 23 with one of our investigators who is only 17, but wants to make a change in his life and measure up to the potential that he knows he has and that Heavenly Father knows he has as well. The same day we also reset a baptismal date for another investigator who wasn't ready for his original date, but hopefully he will do those things to prepare him for January 9th so things here are good and there is definitely some good things happening here in Hamilton. Also another note, the Hamilton Mountain Ward is awesome, this week people kept booking meal appointments and we have received food and gifts from members who truly care about their missionaries which is really nice and reaffirming. We are still continuing to share more about the birth of Christ during this special time and are encouraging people to go onto and check out the videos and I invite all of you that read this, to share this website or videos with others on social media along with your testimony of why we need a savior. As you do this you can also build up your testimony of Him and His atonement. I wish you all a Merry CHRISTmas and hope you celebrate the birth of Jesus in a way that strengthens you relationship with him. I Love you all and Hope your Christmas is full of Love, Joy, and Christ. Merry Christmas

from Elder Toly in week 17

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