Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week #18

Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas!!!

This week was a great and different one cause we had CHRISTMAS. On Tuesday we planned to go to a member's house, but were not able to visit them so we did what all missionaries do when something falls through. We tracted. And we found a lady and were able to get her an Arabic Book of Mormon and later that day we delivered another one to a person who had asked for one as well. That's one thing that has for sure been different about living here in Ontario rather than Southern Alberta is that you find so many people from everywhere ha ha it's insane. That day as well we went by one of our investigators who 17 years old and we shared more about the restoration of the Gospel and invited him to be baptized on January 23 to which he accepted. It was so great to see someone who wanted to make a change in their life and the great thing, is that this kid knows he has potential and wants to reach it which is awesome.

The 24th was also great. We went to a member's house and she fed us tomales which a southern American dish and is pretty good. I had tried them in London, but my companion had not. We then went to another house with investigators who are from south/central America again and once again we were fed Tamales ha ha ha it was so funny cause it was my companions first and second time in the same night.

Also after planning we read Luke Chapter 2 and sang Christmas carols in which you could really feel the spirit. Amazing.

The next morning on Christmas we left early cause my companion needed to skype across the world. We went to a brother in the wards house to do that----their house is huge and it was so cool cause he has a ton of pictures that are autographed by famous people and also has,........... Sorry I had to pause cause it's just too awesome but he has the THE blouse from the Nacho Libre movie, the original one used in the movie, that Jack black wears when he sneaks into the party and I got to wear it which was so cool!

We also got a ton of presents from this member and we also got lots from the ward, they are so awesome and they truly care about the missionaries. We then went to a meal at another house that other missionaries were at, then went to another house to eat which the zone leaders were also at ha ha. Then visited some other members as well. It was just a great day. But as soon as the night was over and the clock struck midnight I was by the toilet just dying ha ha ha.

Then yesterday we interviewed one of our investigators and other than quitting smoking which he is going to do this week he is good for baptism on the 9th of January. Wooooooo. Pretty good stuff going on here in Hamilton.


This is Elder Toly From Week 18

Autographed Pictures at the Members house Jaxson Skyped us from

Oh My---Jaxson is perfect!!

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