Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #22 Too Busy

Jaxson has been busy!

I will get back to you guys next week and send a super long email
with lots of pictures. I Love you all and just tell the blog I'll be
back next week.

Elder Toly

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #21 -give will to the Lord

Greetings all, This was a blessed week here in Hamilton. A couple great things happened here. I had been reading a talk sent from home called "the fourth missionary" which talks about the 4 kinds of missionaries. The 4th missionary is the, in a sense the greatest missionary. He does everything he's supposed to do, but what separates him and the third missionary in that he completely gives his will to God. He leaves behind everything for the work and does everything the Lord would have him do. He just gives it all to the Lord. So I decided to pray and just totally surrendered my will. That's when the amazing things started to happen. 
On Tuesday we went to a investigators and went over the baptismal questions with him which he seem pretty ready for. As we were leaving we were driving, it was snowy and we were coming up to an intersection so i put on the brakes and the car started sliding into the intersection and went halfway into it before we stopped and cars passed just in front of us coming from the right. No cars came from the left though and if they did we would have been t-boned right on my side but for some reason no cars came from that direction and we got out of there without a scratch. Just crazy.
 Then the next day our investigator had his baptismal interview and he passed. It was so exciting! The next day we were doing some tracting and though we didn't have any immediate success we were able to talk to a woman who was a Anglican minister and also a guy who gave us a book he had worked on and told us to spread it around which was interesting haha.
 As soon we were heading back home we got a call from a member saying that her friend who was a woman we had taught on splits wanted to be baptized which was pretty great. we Were also able to find some new people to teach.
 Then on Saturday we saw a BAPTISM! It was so great to be able to see the work of the Lord and see our friend enter the waters of baptism and then on Sunday he found his own way to church which was awesome.

 Since giving my will to the Lord I have seen tons of miracles and my conversations have been much more fruitful with tracting and contacting people. Just yesterday we were working in the area and met a man who is Pentecostal and invited us in and we were able to share with him more of the gospel.

Just great things happening here. Love you all.

-Elder Toly From week 21-

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #20--Hard to believe.

Greetings Everyone. Wow it feels like I have been here for a while but in reality I still have a lot of my mission to go. I actually just had friend ask me how long I had left and I said 19 1/2 months ha ha but it's crazy because I just finished my 3rd transfer and transfer calls were last night, but I am staying here in the Hamilton Mountain West Ward with my companion who will now have been here for 5 transfers! It's insane. I'm already on my 4th and am lucky to be spending it here in the Hamilton Mountain ward. When we had our transfer calls yesterday so many members were texting us asking us what happened and they all wanted to know. And that's the great thing about this area is that the members truly care about the missionaries which is quite nice.

This week we visited one of our investigators and committed him to quit smoking to which he agreed and it was so cool. He gave us his ash trays and his old box of cigarettes and said he never wanted to see them again which was so great and the next we went to visit and he had not had one. One thing I did was buy him a few packs of gum to help resist the urge and then last night we visited him and he still has not smoked and says that the gum really works. He really just wants to get baptized and have God and Christ more in his life. We will hopefully will see him baptized in the next week.

This week I also had the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting and was asked to speak on the 5th article of faith which talks about how one needs to be called of God by prophecy and by laying on of hands to preach the Gospel. I shared how Christ did this with the original 12 and the 12 in the Americas and also how 12 apostles in 1800s were called as well. It went well for the most part and this transfer hopefully will be exciting as we are looking forward to tearing up the area and hitting the pavement to share this wonderful message with others.

Also had another weird experience the other day while walking to the hospital to visit a member. We ran into this man that talked about how 1914 was somehow a huge year in terms of religion and also how Christ would not come to the earth again. Really just a weird guy ha ha but just want to let you know that Christ WILL come again and they day will be wonderful. I love you all and hope you week is GREAT!

This is Elder Toly Reporting from week 20 (WOW)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #19 Happy New Year

Hello Everyone back home!

What a week. The weather here has now started to get pretty chilly and its not as easy when going tracking, but hey if we don't do it, who is? It is said that God most often answers our prayers through other people. As missionaries we actively work to be those people and that is why we must be out rain or shine because we have the opportunity to change people's lives as does anybody and that can be done through the gospel. There is a scripture found in Mosiah 8:18 That says "Thus God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings." I would encourage each person who reads this to do these thing and to be a great benefit to his fellow beings. On Wednesday after district meeting I went on exchange with one of the downtown Elders. For those of you know Hamilton, know that the down town can be a pretty sketchy place. So I went and for the most part it was pretty normal other than people yelling at each other. Then at the end of the night we start walking back to the apartment and there is a guy stopped in front of us on the side walk. As we get closer I hear liquid and realize that he's peeing in this middle of the sidewalk ha ha. As Dr. Seuss once said "oh, the places you'll go" but I think he should have included " oh, the things you'll see" ha ha. For New Years we went back to the apartment earlier in the evening to do weekly planning. Its crazy to think that 2015 went so quick. I still remember last year that on New Years I was snowshoeing out in Waterton. It's crazy how much can change in a year and how you can be in a completely different place with completely different people and how you could be a different person. If you told me where I would be 1 year later I probably wouldn't believe you that I would be in Hamilton doing weekly planning with a person from Malaysia. New years day was very slow cause people I guess were pretty "tired" from New Years ha ha but found a couple new investigators hopefully that we can start teaching soon. This week we were able to meet with our investigator and we are meeting him tonight and tomorrow he is going to have his baptismal interview and hopefully he can stop smoking so he can get baptized this Saturday! We are excited and hope to have a baptism in the near future. One thing that was truly amazing was church and the testimony portion where a lady who was disabled in some way was rolled up to the front and bore her testimony and did so and explained how she actually pays to come to church cause she needs special transportation and then right at the very end she said that she prays for the missionaries and it was like a dagger in the heart. This lady had truly come to know the importance of the sacrament and I would challenge you to make it more special this upcoming Sunday. Anyways I love you all so much and hope your week is great and that you can be an answer to peoples prayers.

Love Elder Toly From week 19