Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #27 Wow what a blessed week!

Hey everybody! Wow what a blessed week!

As you heard the news last week I got transferred. I got sent to Lindsay with Elder Taylor who I actually came out with into the field and he graduated the same year as me. He's such a funny guy.

Anyways on Monday I have p-day with the zone where we went out to a waterfall. Later that night we went by and said goodbye to some of our favorite people in the ward. 

The next day we drive to Brampton with a ton of stuff which was mainly Elder Ngerantars stuff. We get to the stake center and I see so many people I know which felt pretty good cause it made me feel like I've been here before and know the drill. I then meet my new companion and we got to lunch with a couple of other elders and one of them is Parker Davis who actually went to middle school with me for a year which was really cool.

We later go to the Brampton stake center again cause we have to pick up 3 Cantonese elders and drive them to their area. So we have my stuff, a little of elder Taylors stuff, one of the new Cantonese elders stuff and five missionaries. Let's just say that tetris is something missionaries would be pretty good at. We just had a ton of stuff piled on them and they were just crammed in the back and they sang happy b-day to me with their Chinese accents with just a ton of luggage piled on them. It was probably one of the best happy birthday songs I've ever heard. ha-ha.

Got to Lindsay and it turns out we live in a 3 story duplex which is so nice. We then taught a lot of people. We met a guy with Rob who told us to come back so a day or 2 later we go back, get let in, teach the whole restoration and commit him to read the book of Mormon to which he agrees so that was delightful. Then at church we have an investigator family show up, another young man, and another woman who is the girlfriend of one of the members, also had a lot of less actives show up as well as our newest recent convert. That was great!

I got to bless the sacrament for the first time in 6 months which was stellar! We ended up hitting standards which was just great. All in all, a great week. My companion is a great guy as well he lived in Utah but is originally from Boise, Idaho. It looks to be a great transfer and the branch here seems missionary minded which is great. Thanks so much!


On Sunday after church a member invites us to a former investigators for his birthday cause apparently he had invited us. He was 80 and was so full of life still, The crazy thing though, was that the b-day party was held in a Baptist church. So here we are, two young men, Mormon missionaries dressed up with our name tags and everything in a Baptist church. ahahah it was so intimidating at first and we got some stares but it was all good in the end. Well thanks so much for taking 5 to check out my blog. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Elder Toly from week 27. (hit my 6 month mark!)
Apparently it took Jaxson to go on a mission before he would ever break a rule that was posted!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #26--Going to Lindsey

Hey everyone so sorry but this is probably going to be shorter than most letters.

We found a lot of people that were willing to hear and listen to our message which was really cool. We met with a super nice lady who loves missionaries and taught her the restoration to which she agreed that she would be baptized if she read the Book of Mormon and came to know that it was true so that was really cool. WE also had a couple great conversations which were very fruitful. One came when we went to visit a less active member in the hospital and started talking and we found he had a ton of knowledge, unfortunately he started bashing and started to walk away and we said see ya later brother to which he turned around and said "I'm not your brother!" so that was really fun.

We also had another conversation with a man and his wife on the street he too knew a lot and even about our church and he said the Book of Mormon was the main stumbling block with him. I then asked him if he had ever read it to which he replied no, so I tried to offer him one but he declined. It was too bad cause he wasn't willing to act but was willing to learn. To be converted or to know the truth of something you must act. Faith is action. You have to put in your part to receive an answer.

We also got our transfer calls yesterday and I am going to Lindsey where they have a branch there. It's just north east of Toronto. I will be sad though cause all the members in the Mountain ward are awesome. When we told them that we were leaving they all were texting us how sad they were and that they would miss u.

 The thing that hit me the most though was when a less active sister texted us. We had been working with her family of three young boys and were helping one prepare to get baptized. We helped get them back to church for the first time in a year. She texted us saying that we were the reason her family started coming back to church and that we were angels. To be honest I didn't think I had done much here but after that, it just really touched me. We really grew to love that family and developed a good relationship. I'm truly going to miss them but am so pumped for Lindsey and my new companion actually came out with me from the MTC. Its gonna be awesome!

-Elder Toly

Love you all and thanks so much for the birthday wishes. 19s gonna be great!

This is elder Toly (the 19 year old one haha) from week 26

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week #25-Whoa that's crazy

Hello, Hello, my fellow friends. What a week. A longer week too due to the fact it was family day on Monday so we switched our pday to Tuesday.
Well Winter has slowly snuck back again although it was just dandy for a while. We also just got some snow today so tracting just gets better and better haha.
This week we didn't have as many appointments as usual, but we did meet with an elderly man and got to share the Message of the restoration with him. He had read the pamphlet I had given him at the bus stop and had actually read through it and had a question about Joseph Smith Which was great. We then asked him to be baptized to which he took a minute to think about it but declined we encouraged him to read the book of Mormon and pray and we are meeting with him later today. We were actually able to meet with one of our media referrals and met her later that night and will be meeting with her later this week. Also met with an investigator who we had dropped but we met with her again and she agreed to a soft invitation to be baptized if she comes to know that the Book of Mormon is true. So we are just waiting for her to read it and find the truth for herself. She also is hopefully going to come to church if her work schedule permits. So some good things hopefully happening soon.
I also was able to go on exchange with a greenie in the down town of Hamilton which is where boys become men. It was pretty grand and is also fun to take the bus and go bus contacting. Transfers are coming up this week so don't know whats in store but my companion will most likely be going because he will have been here for 5 transfers which is the equivalent of 7 months haha. He basically has legendary status in this ward now and on Sunday the bishop gave us each one of his ties and signed them. The one I picked actually happened to be a tie that cost 15 dollars which is insane but I quite enjoy it.

This week we are hopefully going to have a lot of dinners. Hopefully things go well and we see some good things happen this week. Wish us luck as we brave the cold haha. Well thanks so much for taking 5 minutes of your life to check out how things are going in good ol Hamilton. Thanks so much for your support!

Yours truly, Elder Toly from week 25 (whoa that's crazy)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #24 Shout out to the YW!

Dear everyone back home,

Well what can I say? Another week is in the books.
Last preparation day we went to a place called Albion Falls and had quite the adventure. We scaled the hill and went across the river. The falls were quite lovely and we had a great time.

We were able to meet with a Returning member on Tuesday and it has been interesting meeting with him. He missionaries and always accepts us and our message into his home. Still believes in the Book of Mormon but has some problems with some things so we had a good lesson and at the end his heart I feel was quite softened. We actually later saw him on Sunday and he brought his grandson so that was great.

On Wednesday we met with a family who has not been to church in over a year. They have a son who is 12 but doesn't have the priesthood and another who is 8 but is not baptized. We have been meeting with them for a couple weeks and they kept promising us they would come but there was always something. WELL, this week they came! It was so great to see them and it was their first time in a while. We sat behind them and before the meeting started she turned around and said "it feels like a dream that we're here. Thank you" or something like that but it really was special to see them come back. They had actually fed us Balut ( my second time having it) a duck egg with the duck cooked inside of it.

The weather here has been fantastic and extremely nice so one day we just we to an intersection and just talked to people for a couple hours going to and fro each corner and talking to people. And later in the night we did the same and it started pouring and we were just running back to the car but I guess that's how memories are made. ha ha Anyways still trying to find people to teach. It's not easy but we're trying and relying on the Lord to guide us to those that are prepared.

One great thing about this week is that we got a lot of meal appointments which is always pretty nice.

On Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting. But it was different for this ward. Most of the youth went up and bore their testimonies which brought a different feeling to the room and as a result more people went up to bear theirs.
Anyways thanks for taking the time to look up on my life and the work here in the Toronto Canada Mission. I love ya all so much and thanks for the support.

PS Shout out to the Mountain Heights Young Women for the card!
-Elder Toly from week 24

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #23--I'm Back!

Hey Everybody! First of all I would like to apologize for not writing last week. A thing just came up and I didn't have the time so I'm sorry.

Anyways I have a lot to cover. Here's a few thing that happened over the last few weeks. We had a missionary broadcast worldwide in which a variety of people spoke including Elder Bednar and Oaks. We learnt a few different thing but the thing I wanted to improve on was studying PMG (preach my gospel- a book for missionaries ) and so I have now been including that in my studies every day.

One sad thing that happened was there was a man in our ward named Brother Ormandy who was 93 and had an operation so we visited him in the hospital but because it didn't go well his health deteriorated so we continued to visit him. He loved missionaries so much and cried one time when we came to visit him. He had actually for years been less active and had came back in the last few years. He passed away last a couple weeks ago. Such a nice man but He knew where he was going.

Also we had a lesson with a Muslim family. Yes that's right a Muslim family and they actually accepted a Book of Mormon and are going to read it and now we are going to get them one in Arabic. We also have an new investigator who is 90 years old from Scotland its crazy but we are going to meet him this Tuesday.

We also visited a family who are Filipino and they made us balut which is a duck egg with a baby duck inside that you eat. It was crazy and on our mission it's something every missionary has to do and now I've done it ha-ha most missionaries hate it but it actually wasn't that bad.

I also went on exchanges with the zone leaders and also with some elders downtown. It was pretty fun. I also hit my 5 month mark itch I didn't think I had been out here that long but I guess time flies.

Also this Sunday after sacrament a sister came up to me and asked me to teach her son's friend who has been coming to church since I've been here cause he wants to be baptized so that should be pretty fun. Anyways I love you all so much thanks for all you guys do and for all the support you give love ya all.
-Elder Toly From weeks 22 and 23