Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #23--I'm Back!

Hey Everybody! First of all I would like to apologize for not writing last week. A thing just came up and I didn't have the time so I'm sorry.

Anyways I have a lot to cover. Here's a few thing that happened over the last few weeks. We had a missionary broadcast worldwide in which a variety of people spoke including Elder Bednar and Oaks. We learnt a few different thing but the thing I wanted to improve on was studying PMG (preach my gospel- a book for missionaries ) and so I have now been including that in my studies every day.

One sad thing that happened was there was a man in our ward named Brother Ormandy who was 93 and had an operation so we visited him in the hospital but because it didn't go well his health deteriorated so we continued to visit him. He loved missionaries so much and cried one time when we came to visit him. He had actually for years been less active and had came back in the last few years. He passed away last a couple weeks ago. Such a nice man but He knew where he was going.

Also we had a lesson with a Muslim family. Yes that's right a Muslim family and they actually accepted a Book of Mormon and are going to read it and now we are going to get them one in Arabic. We also have an new investigator who is 90 years old from Scotland its crazy but we are going to meet him this Tuesday.

We also visited a family who are Filipino and they made us balut which is a duck egg with a baby duck inside that you eat. It was crazy and on our mission it's something every missionary has to do and now I've done it ha-ha most missionaries hate it but it actually wasn't that bad.

I also went on exchanges with the zone leaders and also with some elders downtown. It was pretty fun. I also hit my 5 month mark itch I didn't think I had been out here that long but I guess time flies.

Also this Sunday after sacrament a sister came up to me and asked me to teach her son's friend who has been coming to church since I've been here cause he wants to be baptized so that should be pretty fun. Anyways I love you all so much thanks for all you guys do and for all the support you give love ya all.
-Elder Toly From weeks 22 and 23

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