Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #24 Shout out to the YW!

Dear everyone back home,

Well what can I say? Another week is in the books.
Last preparation day we went to a place called Albion Falls and had quite the adventure. We scaled the hill and went across the river. The falls were quite lovely and we had a great time.

We were able to meet with a Returning member on Tuesday and it has been interesting meeting with him. He missionaries and always accepts us and our message into his home. Still believes in the Book of Mormon but has some problems with some things so we had a good lesson and at the end his heart I feel was quite softened. We actually later saw him on Sunday and he brought his grandson so that was great.

On Wednesday we met with a family who has not been to church in over a year. They have a son who is 12 but doesn't have the priesthood and another who is 8 but is not baptized. We have been meeting with them for a couple weeks and they kept promising us they would come but there was always something. WELL, this week they came! It was so great to see them and it was their first time in a while. We sat behind them and before the meeting started she turned around and said "it feels like a dream that we're here. Thank you" or something like that but it really was special to see them come back. They had actually fed us Balut ( my second time having it) a duck egg with the duck cooked inside of it.

The weather here has been fantastic and extremely nice so one day we just we to an intersection and just talked to people for a couple hours going to and fro each corner and talking to people. And later in the night we did the same and it started pouring and we were just running back to the car but I guess that's how memories are made. ha ha Anyways still trying to find people to teach. It's not easy but we're trying and relying on the Lord to guide us to those that are prepared.

One great thing about this week is that we got a lot of meal appointments which is always pretty nice.

On Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting. But it was different for this ward. Most of the youth went up and bore their testimonies which brought a different feeling to the room and as a result more people went up to bear theirs.
Anyways thanks for taking the time to look up on my life and the work here in the Toronto Canada Mission. I love ya all so much and thanks for the support.

PS Shout out to the Mountain Heights Young Women for the card!
-Elder Toly from week 24

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