Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week #25-Whoa that's crazy

Hello, Hello, my fellow friends. What a week. A longer week too due to the fact it was family day on Monday so we switched our pday to Tuesday.
Well Winter has slowly snuck back again although it was just dandy for a while. We also just got some snow today so tracting just gets better and better haha.
This week we didn't have as many appointments as usual, but we did meet with an elderly man and got to share the Message of the restoration with him. He had read the pamphlet I had given him at the bus stop and had actually read through it and had a question about Joseph Smith Which was great. We then asked him to be baptized to which he took a minute to think about it but declined we encouraged him to read the book of Mormon and pray and we are meeting with him later today. We were actually able to meet with one of our media referrals and met her later that night and will be meeting with her later this week. Also met with an investigator who we had dropped but we met with her again and she agreed to a soft invitation to be baptized if she comes to know that the Book of Mormon is true. So we are just waiting for her to read it and find the truth for herself. She also is hopefully going to come to church if her work schedule permits. So some good things hopefully happening soon.
I also was able to go on exchange with a greenie in the down town of Hamilton which is where boys become men. It was pretty grand and is also fun to take the bus and go bus contacting. Transfers are coming up this week so don't know whats in store but my companion will most likely be going because he will have been here for 5 transfers which is the equivalent of 7 months haha. He basically has legendary status in this ward now and on Sunday the bishop gave us each one of his ties and signed them. The one I picked actually happened to be a tie that cost 15 dollars which is insane but I quite enjoy it.

This week we are hopefully going to have a lot of dinners. Hopefully things go well and we see some good things happen this week. Wish us luck as we brave the cold haha. Well thanks so much for taking 5 minutes of your life to check out how things are going in good ol Hamilton. Thanks so much for your support!

Yours truly, Elder Toly from week 25 (whoa that's crazy)

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