Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #26--Going to Lindsey

Hey everyone so sorry but this is probably going to be shorter than most letters.

We found a lot of people that were willing to hear and listen to our message which was really cool. We met with a super nice lady who loves missionaries and taught her the restoration to which she agreed that she would be baptized if she read the Book of Mormon and came to know that it was true so that was really cool. WE also had a couple great conversations which were very fruitful. One came when we went to visit a less active member in the hospital and started talking and we found he had a ton of knowledge, unfortunately he started bashing and started to walk away and we said see ya later brother to which he turned around and said "I'm not your brother!" so that was really fun.

We also had another conversation with a man and his wife on the street he too knew a lot and even about our church and he said the Book of Mormon was the main stumbling block with him. I then asked him if he had ever read it to which he replied no, so I tried to offer him one but he declined. It was too bad cause he wasn't willing to act but was willing to learn. To be converted or to know the truth of something you must act. Faith is action. You have to put in your part to receive an answer.

We also got our transfer calls yesterday and I am going to Lindsey where they have a branch there. It's just north east of Toronto. I will be sad though cause all the members in the Mountain ward are awesome. When we told them that we were leaving they all were texting us how sad they were and that they would miss u.

 The thing that hit me the most though was when a less active sister texted us. We had been working with her family of three young boys and were helping one prepare to get baptized. We helped get them back to church for the first time in a year. She texted us saying that we were the reason her family started coming back to church and that we were angels. To be honest I didn't think I had done much here but after that, it just really touched me. We really grew to love that family and developed a good relationship. I'm truly going to miss them but am so pumped for Lindsey and my new companion actually came out with me from the MTC. Its gonna be awesome!

-Elder Toly

Love you all and thanks so much for the birthday wishes. 19s gonna be great!

This is elder Toly (the 19 year old one haha) from week 26

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