Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #27 Wow what a blessed week!

Hey everybody! Wow what a blessed week!

As you heard the news last week I got transferred. I got sent to Lindsay with Elder Taylor who I actually came out with into the field and he graduated the same year as me. He's such a funny guy.

Anyways on Monday I have p-day with the zone where we went out to a waterfall. Later that night we went by and said goodbye to some of our favorite people in the ward. 

The next day we drive to Brampton with a ton of stuff which was mainly Elder Ngerantars stuff. We get to the stake center and I see so many people I know which felt pretty good cause it made me feel like I've been here before and know the drill. I then meet my new companion and we got to lunch with a couple of other elders and one of them is Parker Davis who actually went to middle school with me for a year which was really cool.

We later go to the Brampton stake center again cause we have to pick up 3 Cantonese elders and drive them to their area. So we have my stuff, a little of elder Taylors stuff, one of the new Cantonese elders stuff and five missionaries. Let's just say that tetris is something missionaries would be pretty good at. We just had a ton of stuff piled on them and they were just crammed in the back and they sang happy b-day to me with their Chinese accents with just a ton of luggage piled on them. It was probably one of the best happy birthday songs I've ever heard. ha-ha.

Got to Lindsay and it turns out we live in a 3 story duplex which is so nice. We then taught a lot of people. We met a guy with Rob who told us to come back so a day or 2 later we go back, get let in, teach the whole restoration and commit him to read the book of Mormon to which he agrees so that was delightful. Then at church we have an investigator family show up, another young man, and another woman who is the girlfriend of one of the members, also had a lot of less actives show up as well as our newest recent convert. That was great!

I got to bless the sacrament for the first time in 6 months which was stellar! We ended up hitting standards which was just great. All in all, a great week. My companion is a great guy as well he lived in Utah but is originally from Boise, Idaho. It looks to be a great transfer and the branch here seems missionary minded which is great. Thanks so much!


On Sunday after church a member invites us to a former investigators for his birthday cause apparently he had invited us. He was 80 and was so full of life still, The crazy thing though, was that the b-day party was held in a Baptist church. So here we are, two young men, Mormon missionaries dressed up with our name tags and everything in a Baptist church. ahahah it was so intimidating at first and we got some stares but it was all good in the end. Well thanks so much for taking 5 to check out my blog. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Elder Toly from week 27. (hit my 6 month mark!)
Apparently it took Jaxson to go on a mission before he would ever break a rule that was posted!

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