Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Week #31 HAPPY (late) EASTER!

Man, I hope you week was great! This week was another good one. After emailing last week, my companion and I, went to a conservation area and took a gander which was quite swell. Some great scenery and I'll probably come back here when its all green. Regardless though, it was superb. 

Elder Taylor and I also found some shirts, so to refresh your knowledge, we are serving in a place called Lindsay, a small place with less than 20,000 people and last summer this movie came out called "straight out of Compton" so I guess you could see we were pretty pumped. 

Another cool thing. This guy that lives down the street is a professional photography offered to take our photos  so we thought " why not? it free." and he took our photos and he sent em to us but didn't send us the individual ones, but he also had some fun with photo shop haha. Check em out though he owns a place called Rideout Photography and his pics are solid.

 So the next day we go out and our first appointment is with a less active member and we bring a member with us. They start talking for a little bit so we start playing with her cats and there are these fold up tunnel things and elder picks one up and is making the cats jump through on the table. Well, he puts the tunnel over one cat who just sits there with the tunnel facing up and down with the cat trapped inside not moving, so elder Taylor pushes the cat in the tunnel off the table thinking it will just jump out and land on all 4s. Wrong. BAM! So LOUD. The cat slammed into the floor which is insane cause the member and the less active didn't even notice and kept talking while elder Taylor and I were just dying laughing . Always the lesson went great as we shared the plan of salvation. Next we went to visit a lady we found while we were tracting who was familiar with many Churches and even a little with ours. But the lesson went well and the members we were with offered to bring her a marked book of Mormon to which she accepted. Now of course, its very,very rare that a lesson goes perfect. So at the end when we go over prayer and extended the invitation to read the book of Mormon and to pray to know if its true she says no. She says that she will read it but will pray a different way cause apparently she prays so a female deity. We were all kinda stunned and it caught us off guard but didn't argue cause we didn't want to get rid of the spirit and were just happy she was going to read it. 
Dr. Seuss once said " oh the places you'll go" well thats true but he wasn't a missionary so I guess I could say "oh the people you'll meet!" That day then went really great as we went to some other great appointments. The next day we went to Pickering where we had a zone conference where 3 different zones of the mission met. The focus was weekly planning and how to make it more effective and we actually did our planning there. It was a great time. Elder Taylor and I had to give a presentation on Key Indicators which went extremely well. I was also able to meet some of my old zone leaders from when I was in London. One of them is now the assistant to the president. We then headed back to to Lindsay where we were went to a family home evening at the church where they watched "Saturday night warrior" we didn't were not allowed to watch but a lot of the people we work with were there. We also met with a less active who is really wants to change his life around. I don't know if I talked about him before but he wasn't even in our directory but he came to a point in his life after doing some damaging stuff and just wanted help. And its perfect cause that's what the atonement is for, its for healing. The rest of the week went good as well but it was crazy.
On Friday we got freezing rain, so EVERYTHING was covered in ice and we had an Easter brunch at a members house across town. So here we have two 19 year old boys and what do we decided to do? Yes that's right, we decide to bike. after a few wipe outs we made it there and back, but it was nice cause she has the cutest grand kids and they did a egg hunt which was fun cause back home we always had the little cousins doing thing like that. But then on Sunday we had church where I had to give a talk on the atonement which I was happy to do and got a really nice compliment that I was a natural speaker. But asides from my pride we found a young couple who were interested and willing to meet again later this week. Also a random girl asked my comp to marry him .

And yesterday we were outside of Lindsay and we saw a black bear run across the road which was really sweet. Anyways I love you all!

-Elder Toly from Week 31

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #30 Mosiah 16:8 -Happy Easter!

Alrighty.... Well thanks for tuning in for another week in the life of Elder Toly everyone!

It was a wonderful week. So news for this week. When I first got to the mission the assistants to the President told us about something called the cleanse. It's a wonderful concoction of tomatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers and of course some good ol water... all in one. It was pretty decent regardless of what one might think and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

This week we did a lot of walking around the town rather than using the car which was nice. We were able to meet with lots of people and share the message of the gospel, we have also been sharing about the resurrection and atonement more with people because the church has created a couple videos that focus on these things and we have been handing these special cards out like candy for the special occasion inviting people to go on and discover more and understand the true meaning of Easter.

Another thing we were able to do was go to Iron dale which is pretty far north as you can go in our area to help someone move. It's pretty much in the middle of nowhere but it was super pretty with all the nature and that kind of stuff . We also did our fair share of tracting this week as well. While doing so we met a lady who said she was a pagan (or however you spell it) so we were about to leave and asked her what that was and we got into a good discussion and now we are going to be meeting with her in the near future.

We also found a couple new investigators and were able to get back on track with another. The family we have been working with unfortunately didn't come to church but we are meeting with them one Tuesday so it's all good.

On Sunday something funny happened. So on Saturday or earlier on in the week we got a call from the member who usually teaches gospel principles and asks us if we can teach it so we say yes but we have no clue what we are teaching till we see what chapter is next in the book. So let's fast-forward to Sunday. A few minutes before we have to teach and I pop open the book and LO AND BEHOLD BUT WHAT SHOULD MY EYES SEE but my most favourite lesson-...... THE LAW OF CHASTITY. I was just like "dang!" So I show my comp and we walk into the room and he first takes over with a ton of confidence and starts talking about all the blessings that God has blessed us with and gives a really good summary and then says that another thing we've been blessed with is the law of chastity. He then turns and looks at me and that is the story how we winged teaching the law of chastity to a bunch of people in a little room with pretty much no prep but it turned out good in the end. A pretty good week in the end though.

Anyway I hope things are all good for you and that you truly remember the true meaning of the Easter season and Remember what Jesus Christ did for every single person who has ever lived. HE truly has overcome sin and death. In Mosiah 16:8 It says "That the grave should have no victory and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ." I invite you to share this knowledge with others by watching the video on

Peace out everybody and make it a great week eh?

Elder Toly from week 30.
Jaxson finds what he thinks is Ali's dog- Nova-baby twin
Some good ol dinner as well.

Always an interesting shirt saying to be found

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week #29 Another great week

Hows it going everybody? We had another fun week here in the blessed land of Lindsay.
 On Tuesday we went by to visit our older friends. When we got there, their son told us how as soon as we had left the time before that his mom picks up the phone and just starts calling people all around the U.S and tells them all about us and apparently she talked about us the whole week. Such beautiful people that just loved what we were doing. Unfortunately they like to talk and we did not get much time to share a message but we left them with a couple book of Mormons, a plan of salvation pamphlet and a invite to read and pray to see if what we shared was true. Also invited them to church, but they did not show up sadly. We probably will not be working with them in the future, but such great people. 
The next day something really amazing happened. We were walking cause the weather was super nice by the way and when its nice its super humid, but any ways, so we are walking to an investigators house and this man is walking towards us on the side walk and my companion says hi and this guy just immediately is drawn to us and says he needs help and that he knew we were men of God. Now when people do this, they usually want some help like money or food, but this guy flat up said he needs God in his life and that he is having a hard time. He says when he say us he saw an aurora around us. I then pulled out the handy dandy scriptures and read Helaman 5:12 which in short says we need to have Jesus Christ as our foundation to build upon when the struggles and trials come cause if you think about it, Jesus Christ, the spirit, and God are the only ones in our lives we can completely depend upon in our life cause people- friends and family members even will let you down or might not be there any more in your moment of need, but those 3 will always be there. But back to the story, we share this story with him and basically say Christ can help him change his life and ask if we can meet again cause thats what we do as missionaries- we help people. He then says "how about tomorrow?" It was wicked awesome and he was actually in tears so we are about to go and I give this man a hug, this grown man who I just met who is in tears, a hug, if you know me you would know I probably never would have done something like that before the mission but this guy just really needed it and almost didn't let go. It reminds me of a quote I heard while I was in London, " Tears are not the manifestation of spirit. They are the manifestation of healing." and the next day we go to his place and there he is waiting on his doorstep. We start talking and are sharing the plan of salvation lesson and all is going well and he ends up telling us how he found God while he was in jail and how he knows about the "mormon faith" ( I kinda have a love/hate relationship with that word) but after he does that we both sense that we shouldn't go any further in the lesson and Elder Taylor pulls out the- who would of thought it- but the Book of Mormon! I mean its like the book is revelation or something . And he reads the intro. I whip out my book of Mormon as well and read Alma 34:32 which talks about how this life is the time to prepare to meet God and bear my testimony and then ask him what he would be willing to do to come closer to God, and he doesn't even really think about it, but says "anything." The spirit was pretty strong and Elder Taylor recognizes it and invites him to be be baptized and he says yes and that's something he would really want. He at times in the lesson is getting the sniffles and its here that he looks happy. But it was amazing. Miracles truly do happen.
 On Thursday we go out to Peterborough where we hold our district meeting. We get there early and see there is a bunch of hay bales so we decided to have some fun and after district meeting we got a picture which looks pretty awesome I can't lie.

 I then go out to a place called Bowmanville on exchanges with an Elder Tolley from Cardston, Alberta. 
Some good miracles this week. 
 Love you all.
 P.S I heard that y'all had zones back there in Lethbridge and I can't lie, I thought it was weird. I mean looking a year back that day kinda gives you perspective how much life can change and more importantly you can change. Congrats to all the teams that played.

While anyways I love you guys. Thanks for taking 5 minutes from your life to creep a little of mine haha. LOVE

Elder Toly From Week 29

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #28 another great week

Hello my friends! It has been another great week here in Lindsay.

So the week started out pretty interesting. We when to a members house for dinner on Monday. Her name is sister Doering although we call her mama Doering. Anyways shes pretty stellar, but she has this parrot. Just a big bird they allow to fly around the house and land on people. Now this bird likes the sister but if it lands on anyone else it will bite their ear. So we walk into the house and its sitting higher up on a cabinet. As we walk in it swoops down and I duck and it barely flies over me. Later that night it charged me so I got to hold a spray bottle cause it hates that ha ha. Darn Jules!

On Tuesday we when to visit someone we had found the first week I came. Now a lot of times people will bomb or will not keep their appointments, but this guy did. We knock on the door and his mother opens the door and we meet her and her husband who are 96 and 90 which is a personal best for me in terms of finding old people but it was great. The man we had previously met show up a few minutes later and we taught a little bit of the restoration. By the end they just kept saying how proud of us they were and they tried to offer us money. If I wasn't a missionary I would have done the "aw that's nice but I really can't accept that" and when they pushed would have taken it. But I can honestly tell you I didn't accept it. Anyways they were so nice and while I was holding a pamphlet the old lady leans towards me and asks for one. And I'm just like well yes of course you can have one, but it was so cool to see her ask for one. Anyways we will see them tomorrow.

We were also able to see some other cool people. One of the returning members we work with came to church on Sunday and whats cool is that he bore his testimony, but something better is that he didn't go off talking about random stuff , our lessons are always interesting when we meet with him and he always plays devils advocate but keeps his commitments so its all good.

On Thursday we had zone council which is when all the companionship of missionaries meet together. This zone is actually my smallest one yet we have 9 companionship's and 4 of them have brand spanking new missionaries so we are pretty young. It was pretty good though and I went on exchanges with the zone leaders after.

Whats interesting is that Lindsay actually has some Amish people near, yes that's right Amish, not Hutterites or Mennonites but full on Amish where they don't even use cars and have the black hats and I met one which I gotta say was interesting.

On Friday we drove to a place called Cobourg to conduct a baptismal interview. After we had to drive to a members house and that turned out to be 1 hour and 45 minutes holy crow. So once we get there my companion heads to the bathroom and I talk with the family. 20 minutes later he finally comes back out and we eat supper and got to leave. He then relates to me how he just had diarrhea and that's why he was in the wash room for so long. He also says his stomach his going crazy and that hes going to explode. The drive back home is 45 minutes. Poor guy was just dying the whole ride back trying not to explode and was really quiet, mean while I'm just chilling listening to music (uplifting and good of course) but it was just too funny.

On Sunday we saw one of our investigators at church for her 3rd time with her kids and she enjoyed it, we had gospel principles (a class after sacrament) which was so boring at first and we were talking about eternal marriages (of course those are not boring but you know what I mean) but then we decide to switch gears and start talking about the plan of salvation and about the spirit world and how those who died have an opportunity to hear about the Gospel. At the end the teacher bears and tells his story which really invites the spirit and she then talks about some of those people who have passed away. Whoa just a good end of the lesson. Feeling the Spirit though was better than what was taught and heard that lesson though.

Great week! LOVE YOU ALL!

This is Elder Toly from Week 28

PS We got some frozen tattos from our investigators kid and decided to try em out out haha