Monday, March 14, 2016

Week #29 Another great week

Hows it going everybody? We had another fun week here in the blessed land of Lindsay.
 On Tuesday we went by to visit our older friends. When we got there, their son told us how as soon as we had left the time before that his mom picks up the phone and just starts calling people all around the U.S and tells them all about us and apparently she talked about us the whole week. Such beautiful people that just loved what we were doing. Unfortunately they like to talk and we did not get much time to share a message but we left them with a couple book of Mormons, a plan of salvation pamphlet and a invite to read and pray to see if what we shared was true. Also invited them to church, but they did not show up sadly. We probably will not be working with them in the future, but such great people. 
The next day something really amazing happened. We were walking cause the weather was super nice by the way and when its nice its super humid, but any ways, so we are walking to an investigators house and this man is walking towards us on the side walk and my companion says hi and this guy just immediately is drawn to us and says he needs help and that he knew we were men of God. Now when people do this, they usually want some help like money or food, but this guy flat up said he needs God in his life and that he is having a hard time. He says when he say us he saw an aurora around us. I then pulled out the handy dandy scriptures and read Helaman 5:12 which in short says we need to have Jesus Christ as our foundation to build upon when the struggles and trials come cause if you think about it, Jesus Christ, the spirit, and God are the only ones in our lives we can completely depend upon in our life cause people- friends and family members even will let you down or might not be there any more in your moment of need, but those 3 will always be there. But back to the story, we share this story with him and basically say Christ can help him change his life and ask if we can meet again cause thats what we do as missionaries- we help people. He then says "how about tomorrow?" It was wicked awesome and he was actually in tears so we are about to go and I give this man a hug, this grown man who I just met who is in tears, a hug, if you know me you would know I probably never would have done something like that before the mission but this guy just really needed it and almost didn't let go. It reminds me of a quote I heard while I was in London, " Tears are not the manifestation of spirit. They are the manifestation of healing." and the next day we go to his place and there he is waiting on his doorstep. We start talking and are sharing the plan of salvation lesson and all is going well and he ends up telling us how he found God while he was in jail and how he knows about the "mormon faith" ( I kinda have a love/hate relationship with that word) but after he does that we both sense that we shouldn't go any further in the lesson and Elder Taylor pulls out the- who would of thought it- but the Book of Mormon! I mean its like the book is revelation or something . And he reads the intro. I whip out my book of Mormon as well and read Alma 34:32 which talks about how this life is the time to prepare to meet God and bear my testimony and then ask him what he would be willing to do to come closer to God, and he doesn't even really think about it, but says "anything." The spirit was pretty strong and Elder Taylor recognizes it and invites him to be be baptized and he says yes and that's something he would really want. He at times in the lesson is getting the sniffles and its here that he looks happy. But it was amazing. Miracles truly do happen.
 On Thursday we go out to Peterborough where we hold our district meeting. We get there early and see there is a bunch of hay bales so we decided to have some fun and after district meeting we got a picture which looks pretty awesome I can't lie.

 I then go out to a place called Bowmanville on exchanges with an Elder Tolley from Cardston, Alberta. 
Some good miracles this week. 
 Love you all.
 P.S I heard that y'all had zones back there in Lethbridge and I can't lie, I thought it was weird. I mean looking a year back that day kinda gives you perspective how much life can change and more importantly you can change. Congrats to all the teams that played.

While anyways I love you guys. Thanks for taking 5 minutes from your life to creep a little of mine haha. LOVE

Elder Toly From Week 29

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