Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #28 another great week

Hello my friends! It has been another great week here in Lindsay.

So the week started out pretty interesting. We when to a members house for dinner on Monday. Her name is sister Doering although we call her mama Doering. Anyways shes pretty stellar, but she has this parrot. Just a big bird they allow to fly around the house and land on people. Now this bird likes the sister but if it lands on anyone else it will bite their ear. So we walk into the house and its sitting higher up on a cabinet. As we walk in it swoops down and I duck and it barely flies over me. Later that night it charged me so I got to hold a spray bottle cause it hates that ha ha. Darn Jules!

On Tuesday we when to visit someone we had found the first week I came. Now a lot of times people will bomb or will not keep their appointments, but this guy did. We knock on the door and his mother opens the door and we meet her and her husband who are 96 and 90 which is a personal best for me in terms of finding old people but it was great. The man we had previously met show up a few minutes later and we taught a little bit of the restoration. By the end they just kept saying how proud of us they were and they tried to offer us money. If I wasn't a missionary I would have done the "aw that's nice but I really can't accept that" and when they pushed would have taken it. But I can honestly tell you I didn't accept it. Anyways they were so nice and while I was holding a pamphlet the old lady leans towards me and asks for one. And I'm just like well yes of course you can have one, but it was so cool to see her ask for one. Anyways we will see them tomorrow.

We were also able to see some other cool people. One of the returning members we work with came to church on Sunday and whats cool is that he bore his testimony, but something better is that he didn't go off talking about random stuff , our lessons are always interesting when we meet with him and he always plays devils advocate but keeps his commitments so its all good.

On Thursday we had zone council which is when all the companionship of missionaries meet together. This zone is actually my smallest one yet we have 9 companionship's and 4 of them have brand spanking new missionaries so we are pretty young. It was pretty good though and I went on exchanges with the zone leaders after.

Whats interesting is that Lindsay actually has some Amish people near, yes that's right Amish, not Hutterites or Mennonites but full on Amish where they don't even use cars and have the black hats and I met one which I gotta say was interesting.

On Friday we drove to a place called Cobourg to conduct a baptismal interview. After we had to drive to a members house and that turned out to be 1 hour and 45 minutes holy crow. So once we get there my companion heads to the bathroom and I talk with the family. 20 minutes later he finally comes back out and we eat supper and got to leave. He then relates to me how he just had diarrhea and that's why he was in the wash room for so long. He also says his stomach his going crazy and that hes going to explode. The drive back home is 45 minutes. Poor guy was just dying the whole ride back trying not to explode and was really quiet, mean while I'm just chilling listening to music (uplifting and good of course) but it was just too funny.

On Sunday we saw one of our investigators at church for her 3rd time with her kids and she enjoyed it, we had gospel principles (a class after sacrament) which was so boring at first and we were talking about eternal marriages (of course those are not boring but you know what I mean) but then we decide to switch gears and start talking about the plan of salvation and about the spirit world and how those who died have an opportunity to hear about the Gospel. At the end the teacher bears and tells his story which really invites the spirit and she then talks about some of those people who have passed away. Whoa just a good end of the lesson. Feeling the Spirit though was better than what was taught and heard that lesson though.

Great week! LOVE YOU ALL!

This is Elder Toly from Week 28

PS We got some frozen tattos from our investigators kid and decided to try em out out haha

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