Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Week #31 HAPPY (late) EASTER!

Man, I hope you week was great! This week was another good one. After emailing last week, my companion and I, went to a conservation area and took a gander which was quite swell. Some great scenery and I'll probably come back here when its all green. Regardless though, it was superb. 

Elder Taylor and I also found some shirts, so to refresh your knowledge, we are serving in a place called Lindsay, a small place with less than 20,000 people and last summer this movie came out called "straight out of Compton" so I guess you could see we were pretty pumped. 

Another cool thing. This guy that lives down the street is a professional photography offered to take our photos  so we thought " why not? it free." and he took our photos and he sent em to us but didn't send us the individual ones, but he also had some fun with photo shop haha. Check em out though he owns a place called Rideout Photography and his pics are solid.

 So the next day we go out and our first appointment is with a less active member and we bring a member with us. They start talking for a little bit so we start playing with her cats and there are these fold up tunnel things and elder picks one up and is making the cats jump through on the table. Well, he puts the tunnel over one cat who just sits there with the tunnel facing up and down with the cat trapped inside not moving, so elder Taylor pushes the cat in the tunnel off the table thinking it will just jump out and land on all 4s. Wrong. BAM! So LOUD. The cat slammed into the floor which is insane cause the member and the less active didn't even notice and kept talking while elder Taylor and I were just dying laughing . Always the lesson went great as we shared the plan of salvation. Next we went to visit a lady we found while we were tracting who was familiar with many Churches and even a little with ours. But the lesson went well and the members we were with offered to bring her a marked book of Mormon to which she accepted. Now of course, its very,very rare that a lesson goes perfect. So at the end when we go over prayer and extended the invitation to read the book of Mormon and to pray to know if its true she says no. She says that she will read it but will pray a different way cause apparently she prays so a female deity. We were all kinda stunned and it caught us off guard but didn't argue cause we didn't want to get rid of the spirit and were just happy she was going to read it. 
Dr. Seuss once said " oh the places you'll go" well thats true but he wasn't a missionary so I guess I could say "oh the people you'll meet!" That day then went really great as we went to some other great appointments. The next day we went to Pickering where we had a zone conference where 3 different zones of the mission met. The focus was weekly planning and how to make it more effective and we actually did our planning there. It was a great time. Elder Taylor and I had to give a presentation on Key Indicators which went extremely well. I was also able to meet some of my old zone leaders from when I was in London. One of them is now the assistant to the president. We then headed back to to Lindsay where we were went to a family home evening at the church where they watched "Saturday night warrior" we didn't were not allowed to watch but a lot of the people we work with were there. We also met with a less active who is really wants to change his life around. I don't know if I talked about him before but he wasn't even in our directory but he came to a point in his life after doing some damaging stuff and just wanted help. And its perfect cause that's what the atonement is for, its for healing. The rest of the week went good as well but it was crazy.
On Friday we got freezing rain, so EVERYTHING was covered in ice and we had an Easter brunch at a members house across town. So here we have two 19 year old boys and what do we decided to do? Yes that's right, we decide to bike. after a few wipe outs we made it there and back, but it was nice cause she has the cutest grand kids and they did a egg hunt which was fun cause back home we always had the little cousins doing thing like that. But then on Sunday we had church where I had to give a talk on the atonement which I was happy to do and got a really nice compliment that I was a natural speaker. But asides from my pride we found a young couple who were interested and willing to meet again later this week. Also a random girl asked my comp to marry him .

And yesterday we were outside of Lindsay and we saw a black bear run across the road which was really sweet. Anyways I love you all!

-Elder Toly from Week 31

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