Monday, April 4, 2016

Week # 32

Hello everyone. Well the last couple days weather wise have sucked haha. It snowed yesterday and then today it snowed again. Just when you think Springs here Ontario's like "haha no." So I'm a little sad about that.

But here's my week in review.... So as you know we had our pday last week so this week was shorter and also usually we would have got our transfer calls but the time spent for missionaries in the MTC is now 3 weeks rather than the 2 so we are having a 7 week transfer. Wooooo.

So on Wednesday we visited a few people and one was a returning member who we don't see that often but the nicest way to describe him is that he's a few cups short of a sacrament tray. So we are the middle of the message when he just jolts and is like "Whoa" and says that he totally felt something and that he's really hot all of a sudden and starts taking off all of his jackets and sweaters (cause apparently he was wearing a few ) but it was just a really weird lesson and I guess we will put it at that .

On Friday we had our district meeting on Friday which went well. Afterwards I went on an exchange with a greenie in our district which went pretty good. We went to a less actives place where there was members and she just kept chatting it up so I took charge of the lesson, told her we didn't have a lot of time. I did it lovingly and boldly and she loved me so much she kissed my hands when I shook her hand before we left and after we got out of there the greenie was pretty much amazed and said usually him and his companion wouldn't have spoken up and would have been there for a while. But the rest of the exchange went well as we did some service and had a dinner appointment and the kid got to tract a couple doors which he was nervous but he did well. But it went well and I just kept giving the Elder lots of advice and helping him out.

On Saturday and Sunday we had conference. My companion and I went and got a ton of candy and for one of the sessions we had pizza. They all went pretty good except for the last one. We had 3 investigators show up which was good during the weekend but none of them are super solid but ya never know. One thing I liked was what Elder Renlund shared. He said "If life were truly fair you and I would never be resurrected and would never be worthy to stand before God....I'm glad life isn't fair" I also enjoyed President Uchtdorfs talk as well. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take many notes on the last session cause one of our investigators came with her 3 kids and there was almost no members to help out with them so they were just running around and it was really hard to get into it. But I guess that's life eh? Any ways I hope you all enjoyed conference and hope that you share what you learned with others. Love you all!

Also our mission President got called to be a 70 and will now finish July 1 and we will got a new mission President named Shields.

-Elder Toly from week 32

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