Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #34--HOLY CROW!!

Good morning everyone (If you didn't know I'm emailing this in the morning ).

Once again thanks for tuning into my life for a few minutes. It's great. This was a new filled week.

So on Tuesday My companion and I drove to Brampton for transfers. Poor guy had been here for 7 1/2 months so he knew everyone and was pretty sad to go. Anyways we got to the Stake Centre there and saw a lot of missionaries we knew. I gotta admit I was pretty sad to see my companion go. Elder Taylor was my favourite so far so it kinda sucked only serving for 1 transfer. Anyways, I met my new companion Elder Karras. He is from Kaysville, Utah and he has been out on the mission for almost 18 months so he has officially been my oldest companion yet. He's a pretty nice guy and he teaches pretty good. Anyways after that we went to lunch with my previous companion and his new companion at this really good breakfast place.

After that we went into a crazy week. We had 30 lesson which was my highest yet so that was sweet. We had a lot of returning member appointments and also met with a couple investigators and one came to church. We have been bringing Christian who is one of our Returning members we work with out to teaching appointments and he has been loving it and now wants to come out all the time!

We also met with an investigator named Peter at a restaurant we had found him a couple weeks earlier, but just couldn't seem to meet. Any ways we taught him the Plan of Salvation which went really well. He didn't accept a baptismal invite but is going to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and come to church next Sunday and we are also meeting with him tomorrow! So that's pretty awesome.

We also found 5 new investigators this week and got in touch with some we haven't heard from for a while. So some good things looking up.

For Sunday we had a branch conference so the stake leaders were at our branch and took charge of branch council and sacrament meeting. The Stake President gave a talk that talked about pop cans. Some young men put some aluminium pop cans in an oven and melted them where all the impurities where taken out and they were able to make it into something beautiful and new. That fire is the refiners fire and he compared that to coming to church and taking the sacrament and also said that members needed to forget grudges against others and let go of that pride/ impurities. Well it was crazy cause after the meeting 1 lady went up to another in which they had previously hated each other and hugged her and they ended up sitting by each other at the lunch pot luck after. Its like the gospel is true or something, eh? ;)

But all in all a pretty good week. Looking forward to the adventures that await here in Lindsay. Oh yeah and also the weather here has been bumping and if you don't understand what that slang means, it means it has been very nice and warm. Life is pretty good. In our district I also forgot to add, we have 2 missionaries from Cardston, Elder Tolley (I hate when people mix up our names) and sister Crawford so you can imagine that district meetings are pretty intense.... just kidding it's all good, but I will have to crack some more jokes about them being from Cardston sometime.

But we also got a new car. A Nissan Rouge which is super smooth and is nicer than the last car my companion crashed.

Also one of my favorite missionaries in the mission went home this week finishing up his 2 years - Elder Lau! This guy was so amazing. I met him in my first district meeting so pretty much my first real day and he gave me the biggest hug and really took me under his wing and so I just want to give him a shout out and let you know that people do remember the small acts of love you do for them. But I'm gonna miss my Asian friend and wish him the best of luck in Hong Kong.

But that was pretty much my week in a nutshell. God Bless and Good luck with exams everybody!

This is Elder Toly From week 34 (Holy Crow!)

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