Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #35

Thanks for tuning in again to the station here in Lindsay everyone. We had another eventful week here in Lindsay! The weather for the beginning of the week was beautiful. Then it got a little colder and at one point today it actually started snowing hahah. Canada eh?
 This week we went to see a investigator we had not seen for a while and when we went in we found another one of our investigators who I hadn't even taught before cause he fell off the grid but we met with him and shared the restoration in which he said he knew it was all true and that he needed to get back on a schedule in his life and said he wanted to go this path and agreed to a baptismal date for the 15th for May , but we were disappointed that he didn't come to church but you can't make people do things, only invite (so true) but we taught a lot of lessons this week and also did a lot of finding.
 One thing this week we noticed was that people were a little more hostile but it makes for good stories and helps you cement more in your faith when you live and defend it. We were walking down the street and the one started saying "hail satan" as a joke for his friends who were with him so that was fun. Wanna know what was even more fun? When a couple days later and we tracted into his house and he was really quiet and shy without his friends. Are we like this guy or are we the same with and without our friends? Do we have the same morals and values with our friends that we have without them? Just food for thought, But a good week. 
While we were in a little town called Omemee we got some awesome pictures out by the lake cause it was a gorgeous day. 

One cool thing that happened was on Sunday we had a branch activity that our branch mission leader brother Farrow put on. We had a local group of singers come and perform and a couple of guest speakers come. The sister gave a really great talk about how she joined the church out west when she was young. The missionaries came to her door and her dad was a hard core catholic so he was yelling at them and was about to come chase them and one missionary actually started running while the other gave her a book of Mormon and asked her to read it. She tucked the book under her shirt and later read it and was converted and the baptized at 18. It was really great to hear. 
 But that's pretty much the week, nothing too amazing but I seemed to find a lot of animals to take pictures with, including kittens, puppies, horses, and rats .

 Thanks again for reading and don't hesitate to email and say hello every once in a while eh? Hey well I should be going but God Bless and have a great week!

-Elder Toly from Week 35-

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