Monday, May 30, 2016

Week #40----Hot and Humid already!

Hey Everybody! This is Elder Toly tuning in for another great blog session.

About the blog, A lady in our ward found out about the blog, and then my comp and a young man were making some cracks at me ha,ha for having one, but Blogs are the best ha, ha just saying. (I think Barney Stinson Could agree with me on this one).

This was a scolding hot and extremely humid week. The weather took no survivors. But we worked hard and pounded the pavement which was good. On Monday since we didn't have p-day, we went out and did service for a member and were digging up her grass for a inflatable pool which was great. She made some Angus burgers that were just stellar.

We then went out to another members and now you gotta realize that these places are out in the boonies so we are out in the country which is just beautiful especially since its cabin area all around here. But we went to go see them. They both got married later in life but he is from Trinidad and she is from Austria and they are the best. He's just so hilarious.

On Tuesday we met with an investigator who we had met a few days earlier and talked, got a return appointment and left a restoration pamphlet. We came back that day and didn't see a car in the driveway so we assumed he wasn't home but we knocked, got in and taught the whole first lesson and he is going to be reading the Book of Mormon and praying and what's awesome is that this guy has a lot of real intent. He wasn't willing to meet again but will be reading and praying so we will be hearing again from him someday.

Something sad I just heard today is that one of my former companions is going home because of a surgery he had and just wasn't doing to good.

On Wednesday for lunch we went out to an all you can eat sushi place with a member which was really good. On Friday we had district meeting and had some new faces in the district and one brand new to the mission. We talked about how we can find those prepared people and how we can always open our mouths and talk with everyone. Later that day though I got a migraine which REALLY sucked hard core and I was out for the rest of the evening. Saturday was good though. In the morning we helped some members move and then later in the day we found a new investigator and then met in the evening and taught the first lesson which went very well and she was excited to meet again which will be great.

That's about it for the week. I love you all and hope the weather isn't as hot where you are!

-Elder Toly From Week 40
PS We also while tracting saw one of our young men playing basketball with a nonmember and we played them and beat them ha,ha good ol' Mormon missionaries and their basketball!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week #39

Hey, Hey, Hey.

So this was a really short week because our P-day  is on a Saturday due to the May Long so this might be a shorter letter as well, but we'll see. Wherever the wind takes us I guess ha ha.

So nothing super exciting happened this week except on Wednesday there was a leadership specialty training for the mission. So we drove down to Oshawa with to be with some other missionaries and were in a skype kinda call thing with a portion of the mission. It went pretty well.

We met with one of our returning members this week who is doing great. We set a date for him to go to the temple which he has never done because he went less active as a youth so its great to see him make some huge steps.

This Week we had a harder time finding people to teach, but still worked hard, doing a lot of contacting and tracting, but at least the weather here has been nice. On Tuesday one of our members- mama Doering treated us to Swiss Chalet. It was nice to go eat someplace nice ha ha which hasn't happened a lot for me since I've been here. We also had a branch family home evening which was fun. We played this game in which someone chooses a letter and everyone had to come up with a first name, last name, place, animal and thing that starts with that letter and see who can do it the fastest. So we have this member from Trinidad who is just hilarious and was coming up with the worst thing cause he was probably just kidding but when we got to the letter "E" he puts elf down for an animal or for "Q" he put down quack ha ha ha just a super funny guy.

So in our mission we had a activity in which we had to take a photo of our mission president and his wife so theres that photo.


Also we have our own account here in the family history center so we changed the desktop ha ha.

District meeting was good too. We talked about the importance of having an investigator have a good experince at church and that its better for a member to invite them because they are the ones that can best help them (hint hint to all of you back home haha). We also had transfer calls. Except for one companionship, our whole district is staying. I will be staying in Lindsay for my 3rd transfer. But hey, thats the news here in Lindsay, Ontario.

Thanks for tuning in to week 39 and have a great week!

Loves, Elder Toly

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #38--Trip to the Zoo!

Hey everyone this is Elder Toly for round 38. 
So after emailing ya'll last week our zone all went out to Peterborough where we went to this poutine place and then went to a zoo. It was a zoo that you got into for free so it wasn't all that spectacular, it had some lizards and sloths, monkeys, an otter, and even a camel, but it had.... a pig! It was pretty fun though regardless and it was free I guess so no complaints.

 Speaking of pigs, there is this house not too far from the church and they also have pigs so it was a pig filled week haha.
 We met with one of our investigators this week at a park bench by the library, hes a senior in high school and we had given him a book of Mormon and invited him to read. He had read the first 2 pages but things weren't just clicking so we explained it in more depth. The lesson went pretty good, but while this lesson was happening, pretty much everything possible that could happen happened haha There was a lady with a screaming kid, some guys with no shirts on, and then to top it off an exercise group came over and started exercising right beside us haha. The kid wasn't from Lindsay but turned to us and said "Lindsays' so weird" hahaha and I guess he's right.
 We also had a zone meeting in which our mission president came and we got to have interviews. It was so great to meet with him and just talk. I unfortunately didn't have any super deep doctrinal questions to ask him but it went well. It was the best interview I've had with him out of the 3 and will be the last which really is sad cause he really has helped change my life. 
Also then on Sunday the Oshawa Stake had their stake conference weekend. The night before one of our returning members had spoken which was great to hear about. The Sunday session was good but really sketchy at first cause we watched it from a feed, but then a the last speaker, a 70, named Elder Sinclair spoke and it was just amazing. He spoke at first to a couple categories, to children under 12, to kids, under 19 and then to everyone else. He spoke on taking righteous risks. How we need to take more, like whether its paying your tithing or going to the temple, that you just need to do it. Another topic that was pretty big in the conference was temple attendance that the temple is where we need to go. 
We also met with our 91 year old investigator which was well. Shes very well rehearsed and knows the bible quite well due to the fact that she is active in her current church but she is just so sweet and kind. 
One weird thing is my trainer who was my first companion is going home back to BC tomorrow so that's weird to think. Anyways not a lot this week but hopefully I can let you in on a little more next week. 
Loves, Elder Toly from week 38

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #37---Happy Mothers day!

Ok, ok we all know the drill. Today recap of last week in Lindsay, Ontario featuring Elder Toly is now in session.

Another pretty good week in the lovely weather here in Lindsay! But before you read some good blog stuff written by yours truly, just wanted to give a shout out to my cousin Mike on getting married. Wooo.

Some things that happened since last Monday include: we had out 2nd last district meeting this transfer which went well. We talked about the importance of following up with a commitment you left someone and one of the comparisons would be like if your teacher kept giving you assignments and never asked you to hand them in or never reviewed them or looked at them you probably wouldn't do them and the same is like that when working with people. We invite them to do things so that they can repent or change their lives and if they don't they can't progress just like how if you don't do those assignments you will not be able to reach your potential you have in that class (Unless you're super smart like my brother-in-law). But for the most part it went well.

After that we went on exchanges with some missionaries. This time we went with Oshawa elders and I went to Oshawa with an elder. On the way there we were on a country road we saw some food trucks and just had to stop by and they were awesome. I also enjoyed the large open field haha that reminded me of home.

On Sunday as you might know we got to skype our families which we only do 2 times a year. It was great to see my family and just talk. I love those guys so much (except for Noah.. just kidding) They are all amazing and I pretty much love everything about them, their quirks and all. The Best. Anyways we also went to a members house who lives pretty far north. There is a kid from the ward there named josh who I painted a picture for at one of their young men activities and gave it to him. Well, the cool part is that he put it up on his wall right above his bed and I was honored so naturally I had to take a picture haha.

One thing that blew me away today is how fast things can change. One of the Elders I had previously served around got home almost a month ago and today he sent a whole group of us a picture of him and his new wife to be.... He got home in April. That's so crazy, so if I'm like that when I get home, I want one of you to hit me over the head. Promise?

We also helped with a child baptism on Sunday , so usually the water is cold when you run the font so I decided to run it hot completely hot cause I thought it would cool down or just not be hot enough like most fonts. So they start the baptism service and they go to do the baptism and the waters too hot for the little girl so they have to turn on cold water and let it run for a little bit. Well, there's a first for everything ---- oops everything went good though.

So before I leave you all hanging, I just wanted to give a huge shout out to my mother with it being mother's day and all even though mothers need a shout out every day. I was not an easy child and gave my mum a pretty hard time when I was little, God Bless her heart, she put up with me instead of filing for adoption. But she had done so much for me and truly exemplifies the love that God and Christ have for all of us. I'm so glad she's my mum and that she loves me and probably more important is that she loves Heavenly Father and Christ and has always been such an example to me. So thanks so much and mom, you're the real MVP.

This is Elder J Toly 2 signing off and reporting for week 37 (whoa).

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #36 Mondays are the best!!!

Monday, Monday, Monday. Man I gotta tell all of you, it's pretty crazy. How over 8 months ago, I pretty much hated Mondays but now.... they are the best thing ever! That's just one thing that is totally different from being back home.

Another pretty good week indeed. On Monday we were tracting and a guy said he wasn't interested so out of the blue I decided to ask him where he liked to eat in town. He then told us about this Greek place called Olympia. So naturally we decided to go the next day with one of our members Ron and what do you know? The guys got some taste.

We met with one of our investigators named Diane. She's quite funny. Very intelligent, but just hates people haha but I guess we have all felt that way at some point. One example is when we were tracting and we found a guy who said He was Jesus and was just very unpleasant. So of course we leave nicely and go to the next house. We are the next house when we hear him come out and start talking to a maintenance guy about what he said to us and thought he was pretty funny. We walk by to the next house and tell him to have a good day and he tells us that we're wasting our time. Ahhh, I got to be honest, sometimes it's hard. People ignore you and are rude to you as a missionary, but I guess one person we can look to is Jesus Christ.

That man was amazing. He was rejected, cast out, made fun of, spit upon and endured every trial imaginable. He even did miracles but still was treated and tread upon like dirt. He was even killed. So if he can take all of that than I can take some rude comments. That's one thing I have had to learn much more here. Patience and Charity.

Later in the week We went and did service for a non-member who really appreciated our help and we are going to go back next week and help some more. We were also doing some work in an area one day and it was getting late and we go by a house and some guys are all hanging out in the garage having a cold beer. I felt pretty intimidated, but went up and started talking to them. They said they were not interested so we start leaving down the driveway when one them says to us (The most intimidating one) " hey props to you guys for doing this. It takes a lot of courage to do what you guys are doing" now of course he didn't say courage and said something else in place of that haha but after we left I could hear him talking about us in a positive manner to his friends which I just thought was pretty awesome.

Later down the street we then found a new investigator which was a pretty awesome miracle. Just gotta talk to everyone and have no fear. Church was also pretty good.

In our mission we have something called standards which is when you have to do some certain things and when you do you have "hit standards" not a lot of companionship's hit standards so it's a harder thing to do. But we were doing some work on Sunday evening and just had one more thing to do to hit standards and that was to contact our new convert in the branch which is very hard to do. She doesn't answer her phone and never seems to be home when we go over so we head over to her house after trying to call her. Of course she's not home but her brother is so we end up using his phone to call her to which she answers and we are just like "hey it's the missionaries. We are in your house" Anyways we were able to contact her and hit standards. But a pretty good week indeed.

Love you all. This is Elder Toly signing off from week 36!