Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #36 Mondays are the best!!!

Monday, Monday, Monday. Man I gotta tell all of you, it's pretty crazy. How over 8 months ago, I pretty much hated Mondays but now.... they are the best thing ever! That's just one thing that is totally different from being back home.

Another pretty good week indeed. On Monday we were tracting and a guy said he wasn't interested so out of the blue I decided to ask him where he liked to eat in town. He then told us about this Greek place called Olympia. So naturally we decided to go the next day with one of our members Ron and what do you know? The guys got some taste.

We met with one of our investigators named Diane. She's quite funny. Very intelligent, but just hates people haha but I guess we have all felt that way at some point. One example is when we were tracting and we found a guy who said He was Jesus and was just very unpleasant. So of course we leave nicely and go to the next house. We are the next house when we hear him come out and start talking to a maintenance guy about what he said to us and thought he was pretty funny. We walk by to the next house and tell him to have a good day and he tells us that we're wasting our time. Ahhh, I got to be honest, sometimes it's hard. People ignore you and are rude to you as a missionary, but I guess one person we can look to is Jesus Christ.

That man was amazing. He was rejected, cast out, made fun of, spit upon and endured every trial imaginable. He even did miracles but still was treated and tread upon like dirt. He was even killed. So if he can take all of that than I can take some rude comments. That's one thing I have had to learn much more here. Patience and Charity.

Later in the week We went and did service for a non-member who really appreciated our help and we are going to go back next week and help some more. We were also doing some work in an area one day and it was getting late and we go by a house and some guys are all hanging out in the garage having a cold beer. I felt pretty intimidated, but went up and started talking to them. They said they were not interested so we start leaving down the driveway when one them says to us (The most intimidating one) " hey props to you guys for doing this. It takes a lot of courage to do what you guys are doing" now of course he didn't say courage and said something else in place of that haha but after we left I could hear him talking about us in a positive manner to his friends which I just thought was pretty awesome.

Later down the street we then found a new investigator which was a pretty awesome miracle. Just gotta talk to everyone and have no fear. Church was also pretty good.

In our mission we have something called standards which is when you have to do some certain things and when you do you have "hit standards" not a lot of companionship's hit standards so it's a harder thing to do. But we were doing some work on Sunday evening and just had one more thing to do to hit standards and that was to contact our new convert in the branch which is very hard to do. She doesn't answer her phone and never seems to be home when we go over so we head over to her house after trying to call her. Of course she's not home but her brother is so we end up using his phone to call her to which she answers and we are just like "hey it's the missionaries. We are in your house" Anyways we were able to contact her and hit standards. But a pretty good week indeed.

Love you all. This is Elder Toly signing off from week 36!

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