Monday, May 9, 2016

Week #37---Happy Mothers day!

Ok, ok we all know the drill. Today recap of last week in Lindsay, Ontario featuring Elder Toly is now in session.

Another pretty good week in the lovely weather here in Lindsay! But before you read some good blog stuff written by yours truly, just wanted to give a shout out to my cousin Mike on getting married. Wooo.

Some things that happened since last Monday include: we had out 2nd last district meeting this transfer which went well. We talked about the importance of following up with a commitment you left someone and one of the comparisons would be like if your teacher kept giving you assignments and never asked you to hand them in or never reviewed them or looked at them you probably wouldn't do them and the same is like that when working with people. We invite them to do things so that they can repent or change their lives and if they don't they can't progress just like how if you don't do those assignments you will not be able to reach your potential you have in that class (Unless you're super smart like my brother-in-law). But for the most part it went well.

After that we went on exchanges with some missionaries. This time we went with Oshawa elders and I went to Oshawa with an elder. On the way there we were on a country road we saw some food trucks and just had to stop by and they were awesome. I also enjoyed the large open field haha that reminded me of home.

On Sunday as you might know we got to skype our families which we only do 2 times a year. It was great to see my family and just talk. I love those guys so much (except for Noah.. just kidding) They are all amazing and I pretty much love everything about them, their quirks and all. The Best. Anyways we also went to a members house who lives pretty far north. There is a kid from the ward there named josh who I painted a picture for at one of their young men activities and gave it to him. Well, the cool part is that he put it up on his wall right above his bed and I was honored so naturally I had to take a picture haha.

One thing that blew me away today is how fast things can change. One of the Elders I had previously served around got home almost a month ago and today he sent a whole group of us a picture of him and his new wife to be.... He got home in April. That's so crazy, so if I'm like that when I get home, I want one of you to hit me over the head. Promise?

We also helped with a child baptism on Sunday , so usually the water is cold when you run the font so I decided to run it hot completely hot cause I thought it would cool down or just not be hot enough like most fonts. So they start the baptism service and they go to do the baptism and the waters too hot for the little girl so they have to turn on cold water and let it run for a little bit. Well, there's a first for everything ---- oops everything went good though.

So before I leave you all hanging, I just wanted to give a huge shout out to my mother with it being mother's day and all even though mothers need a shout out every day. I was not an easy child and gave my mum a pretty hard time when I was little, God Bless her heart, she put up with me instead of filing for adoption. But she had done so much for me and truly exemplifies the love that God and Christ have for all of us. I'm so glad she's my mum and that she loves me and probably more important is that she loves Heavenly Father and Christ and has always been such an example to me. So thanks so much and mom, you're the real MVP.

This is Elder J Toly 2 signing off and reporting for week 37 (whoa).

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