Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #38--Trip to the Zoo!

Hey everyone this is Elder Toly for round 38. 
So after emailing ya'll last week our zone all went out to Peterborough where we went to this poutine place and then went to a zoo. It was a zoo that you got into for free so it wasn't all that spectacular, it had some lizards and sloths, monkeys, an otter, and even a camel, but it had.... a pig! It was pretty fun though regardless and it was free I guess so no complaints.

 Speaking of pigs, there is this house not too far from the church and they also have pigs so it was a pig filled week haha.
 We met with one of our investigators this week at a park bench by the library, hes a senior in high school and we had given him a book of Mormon and invited him to read. He had read the first 2 pages but things weren't just clicking so we explained it in more depth. The lesson went pretty good, but while this lesson was happening, pretty much everything possible that could happen happened haha There was a lady with a screaming kid, some guys with no shirts on, and then to top it off an exercise group came over and started exercising right beside us haha. The kid wasn't from Lindsay but turned to us and said "Lindsays' so weird" hahaha and I guess he's right.
 We also had a zone meeting in which our mission president came and we got to have interviews. It was so great to meet with him and just talk. I unfortunately didn't have any super deep doctrinal questions to ask him but it went well. It was the best interview I've had with him out of the 3 and will be the last which really is sad cause he really has helped change my life. 
Also then on Sunday the Oshawa Stake had their stake conference weekend. The night before one of our returning members had spoken which was great to hear about. The Sunday session was good but really sketchy at first cause we watched it from a feed, but then a the last speaker, a 70, named Elder Sinclair spoke and it was just amazing. He spoke at first to a couple categories, to children under 12, to kids, under 19 and then to everyone else. He spoke on taking righteous risks. How we need to take more, like whether its paying your tithing or going to the temple, that you just need to do it. Another topic that was pretty big in the conference was temple attendance that the temple is where we need to go. 
We also met with our 91 year old investigator which was well. Shes very well rehearsed and knows the bible quite well due to the fact that she is active in her current church but she is just so sweet and kind. 
One weird thing is my trainer who was my first companion is going home back to BC tomorrow so that's weird to think. Anyways not a lot this week but hopefully I can let you in on a little more next week. 
Loves, Elder Toly from week 38

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