Monday, May 30, 2016

Week #40----Hot and Humid already!

Hey Everybody! This is Elder Toly tuning in for another great blog session.

About the blog, A lady in our ward found out about the blog, and then my comp and a young man were making some cracks at me ha,ha for having one, but Blogs are the best ha, ha just saying. (I think Barney Stinson Could agree with me on this one).

This was a scolding hot and extremely humid week. The weather took no survivors. But we worked hard and pounded the pavement which was good. On Monday since we didn't have p-day, we went out and did service for a member and were digging up her grass for a inflatable pool which was great. She made some Angus burgers that were just stellar.

We then went out to another members and now you gotta realize that these places are out in the boonies so we are out in the country which is just beautiful especially since its cabin area all around here. But we went to go see them. They both got married later in life but he is from Trinidad and she is from Austria and they are the best. He's just so hilarious.

On Tuesday we met with an investigator who we had met a few days earlier and talked, got a return appointment and left a restoration pamphlet. We came back that day and didn't see a car in the driveway so we assumed he wasn't home but we knocked, got in and taught the whole first lesson and he is going to be reading the Book of Mormon and praying and what's awesome is that this guy has a lot of real intent. He wasn't willing to meet again but will be reading and praying so we will be hearing again from him someday.

Something sad I just heard today is that one of my former companions is going home because of a surgery he had and just wasn't doing to good.

On Wednesday for lunch we went out to an all you can eat sushi place with a member which was really good. On Friday we had district meeting and had some new faces in the district and one brand new to the mission. We talked about how we can find those prepared people and how we can always open our mouths and talk with everyone. Later that day though I got a migraine which REALLY sucked hard core and I was out for the rest of the evening. Saturday was good though. In the morning we helped some members move and then later in the day we found a new investigator and then met in the evening and taught the first lesson which went very well and she was excited to meet again which will be great.

That's about it for the week. I love you all and hope the weather isn't as hot where you are!

-Elder Toly From Week 40
PS We also while tracting saw one of our young men playing basketball with a nonmember and we played them and beat them ha,ha good ol' Mormon missionaries and their basketball!

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