Monday, June 6, 2016

Week #41

Hey Bloggers, This is Elder Toly ready to tell you about another week here in Lindsay!

On Monday after P-day, We went to mama Doerings' for supper which was quite excellent and decided to work around a place near them called Cannington and ran into a Baptist Minister. We talked and then set a follow up appointment for next week even though we are pretty sure he just wants to bash ha-ha. On Wednesday, we met with a very nice older lady who we have met with a couple times, but decided to turn her over to the Lord (Stop teaching her). We then went out and did some things with our branch mission leader including visiting someone in the hospital (here's the pic)

On Thursday we helped some members move which went pretty well.

On Friday we had a zone council meeting which went well. The topics were baptismal invites, unity,daily contact, and then I had to do an introduction on the transition to a new mission president because as you might know, our mission President is going to leave at the end of this month and a new one will be coming in. After the meeting we went on exchanges with another set of Elders and I got a brand new missionary. It was pretty fun going around with him just seeing how everything was pretty new to him and that he was just so excited that it pumped me up as well. I guess this really proves that attitude can make a difference.

On Sunday we met with an investigator out in a park under a gazebo. It went pretty well but it got really dark and then started to down pour sooo much it was crazy we had to run to the car which was parked a couple streets over and by the time we got to the car we were soaking wet ha ha memories!

Also I have included a picture of the Dairy Barn which is home to the best Ice Cream in the world!

Lots of love.

-Elder Toly from week 41

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