Monday, June 13, 2016

Week #42

This week was another one in the books. We went out worked hard. Went contacting, tracting, tried visiting members, but unfortunately sometimes when you do all you can as a missionary, you still might not see the success you worked for or hoped for. That in a gist is kind of how the week went but there's more as well.

On Monday we went out to Momma Doerings for supper. While in the washroom my companion told them that I could rap and now she really wants to hear me rap ha-ha. Later we went to a man's house who we met last week. He is a newer Baptist minister who we talked to for a bit. The guy was very nice and there was just something's we wouldn't listen to or seek if they were true and he had many questions. At the end I just handed him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and invited him to read because it answers and makes sense the purpose of life and its doctrines. Then at the end I asked the man if there was anything that we could do for him and his family and he just seemed kinda surprised and humbled at what I had asked and the Spirit was felt.

On Wednesday we went out to a place called Janetvile and worked the area there. Its very small but we found a man who accepted a book of Mormon and I felt like this guy would actually read it so that was great. On Friday we had district meeting in which we talked about repentance and how that as missionaries that was part of our purpose. Preaching repentance. Its meaning is different then what most people think. As I've been on a mission I have learnt that repentance is change. Its not merely confessing a sin and not doing it again. It is changing our nature. The way we think, act, and what we saw and see. It gives us extra strength as well as we do repent. I remember that before the mission, I thought repentance was a bad word and at the beginning of my mission if I was told to repent, I would have been offended. Not anymore. Its really just about changing and being refined by the Saviors Atonement to be the person we were meant to be and to be the best we can. That's one of the things on my mission that I've been able to see that I might have never seen had I not come out and for that I'm grateful. An eternal principle is that anyone can change.

On Sunday we had church and our new convert Marie was able to get her temple recommend and will hopefully go to the temple for proxy baptisms this week. Well that's about it for this week. Hope You all have a great week!

-Elder Toly from week 42----
looking a little ticked off!!

                             "I saw a pillar of light" ha-ha and another pic with some buffaloes

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