Monday, June 20, 2016

Week #43

Whoa 43 weeks. Dang. That's a fair time ha-ha.

I hope you all had a great week. This week was decent.

On Monday after a classic meal at mama Doerings we went to Cannington. A smaller place nearby in which we were going to see a former investigator who was a kinda retired minister. We had not set anything up, but we buzzed his door he came from up some stairs and we asked him " are you..... ......" and then we said some other stuff to which he looks at us and just waves us up. Unfortunately though, he wasn't interested in changing.

On Tuesday we met with a newer investigator who was pretty cool. He was ok with what we taught and believed a lot of the same stuff we believe. Of course there was some other interesting stuff he wanted to talk about but it was all good and the message was pretty well received.

On Wednesday we were invited to a seminary breakfast which was great. It was super fun and we got to have seminary. On Thursday we were visiting some members out of town and on the way back decided to try a small town. Three houses in and we found 2 people who listened to the whole first message and were going to let us come again. She had even received a book of Mormon from missionaries before so we are looking forward to meeting with them again.

Saturday was a crazy day. We were tracting in the late afternoon and we knocked on the door of this one house. The man who came to the door was not very happy. He started using profanity and slammed the door so we left and laughed. 30 minutes later a van pulls up and its the man whose door we knocked at. He starts screaming more profanity at us saying we ruined his evening while he was having a glass of wine (figures) and then he says he is going to ruin our evening by following us around while we tract and scream profanity at us every time we do a house so we start walking away and he keeps following us and we tell him we are sorry but its not good enough for him and its not till we walk onto a main street that he leaves us. haha crazy stuff.

On Sunday I gave a talk and with it being fathers day I talked about fathers. It went well. The greatest father is of course our Heavenly Father, but I just wanted to give a shout out to my dad. He truly is a great man whom I love and respect dearly. Love you Padre.

Thats pretty much it this week. Hope you all have a great week!


-Elder Toly

Ps Our new convert went to the temple which was a great experience for her!

also went to our branch mission assistants house out on the lake which was fun!

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