Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 48

Heeeey Guys its Elder Toly Back for another round. I feel like after my mission they should just make a movie based on what I write in these blog letters. That would be pretty interesting. Instead of "Life Of Pi" It would be "Life Of Elder Toly". I don't know, just food for thought haha.

This week was pretty great though and we saw some awesome miracles. Monday started with Moma Doering of course which was really great.

Tuesday, we met with one of our investigators and taught the first half of the plan of Salvation. The Spirit was really strong. The guy is pretty humble and took a liking to us and at the end of the lesson said if there were ever some people giving us some grief he would come and take em out haha. Funny, but just goes to show the Spirit can bring people closer together than any other way. Also met with an Investigator we hadn't seen for a while. Had read the plan of Salvation pamphlet we had left with him before and had some really good question. Unfortunately, it'll be a while till we see him again because he is getting married early August so he is super busy.

Wednesday we went outside Lindsay to a returning members house for lunch which was great. Later we went out to Cambray (this super small place) and met with one of our investigators who loves talking about the end of the world and loves how we do food supply and how we are prepared. Loves to talk a lot haha but his friend was there and apparently has been having good promptings about the "Mormon church".

Thursday we had weekly planning which went well. It isn't my favorite thing to do but it works. We also met with one of our returning members.

Friday we had to drive all the way to Oshawa, because of the way they organized the districts. It was good though. Talked about opening our mouths and letting everyone have the chance to hear the gospel. Also met with a couple other people including one investigator who has come out to church a few times. Also there was a big fire in Lindsay in which three buildings have burnt down. Some crazy stuff for a small place.

Saturday was a fun day. We met with another one of our investigators who is doing well. He read the Introduction to the Book of Mormon and then saw the reference to Moroni and went and read that as well. We then went out to Omemee which is in the middle of nowhere haha but we did some solid tracting and it was fun cause it was hot so some people offered us water and pop so we accepted haha.

Church was good the Presidents wife gave a talk about forgiviness and sister Pollard gave a great talk about Joy which I quite enjoyed. She quoted one of the members who has said "Taking offence is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die from it" Really was quite great. We also had dinner with the new young family we mover in the previous week and they are awesome. We also had two investigators at church which was great. One is a convert and the others family were converts and he was baptized at 8 but his whole family went less active and he returned later while in his 20s and went on a mission. They are both solid and are missionary minded and have just what the branch needs.

Another great quote of the week used in district meeting was "I believe in God Like I believe in The Sun, Not becasue I can see it, but because by it, I can see Everything else" -C.S Lewis.

Thats pretty much my week or week 48 to be specific. Hope you all have a great one as well!


Elder Toly

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week #47

Hey guys its Elder Toly bouncing back for round 47.

We had a super blessed week here in Lindsay and I'm pumped to tell you all about it. Here this week the weather was super super hot haha but then it got rainy for a couple days which was sorely needed. But heres the week at review....

Monday we of course had mama Doerings which was great as usual. Tuesday was also really good We had an appointment with some returning members in which one of them is going to get his patriarchal blessing which is pretty exciting. One of our other investigators had also quit smoking which was a blessing too. That same day we also picked up a couple people to teach for which we planned to go see them the next day.

On Wednesday we met with both of them (separately) The lessons went both well and we set a baptismal date with one of them for August 14. The spirit was definitely there and he said he had never been baptized before and thats what we do so its a win-win situation. We also found another investigator and taught another as well as met with some member's who just got sealed as a family a month earlier which is awesome. Also saw a returning member. We then drove into Oshawa to the Zone leaders place because we had interviews the next morning with our new mission President.

On Thursday we had a Skills and interviews meeting. President Shields gave a instruction comparing us to the 2000 stripling warriors which was good. Also got to meet him. He used to be a ysa stake president so he is very fun, outgoing, and energetic man. Perfect for the mission. I also had to give an instruction on Repentance with another elder which was good. After we went to a McDonald's where they have a thing in which you can make you own burger. Probably the most classy burger I've ever had there.

After we went on exchanges and I went with an Elder Spencer. We went and helped weed sister Doerings garden which was fun and then had an appointment with an investigator we found or rather he found us last week. Unfortunately, He really just wanted to bash and had looked up a lot of anti previous to our coming. Just took it easy and didn't cause any contention which turned out ok even though he said some rude things. I would be lying if I said that was the first time that ever happened haha. Oh well, its all good.

On Friday morning we were doing some tracting and got a text saying from a family that they were moving in that day and needed help with moving. Other than us no one knew that this family was moving in but it was good and great cause they have 4 young boys which will bring energy to an older branch.

Later we drove way up north to a members house for dinner and then dropped by an investigator we hadn't seen for a while and booked a return appointment. On Saturday we met with an investigator out in one of the small towns and it went well and he wanted to come to church so we set it up.

Sunday- Our investigator came to church as well as some returning members who haven't come for a while which was good. Our investigator stayed for all three block and for the potluck after. That evening we stopped by our investigator with a date and taught a little about the book of Mormon.

Pretty good week. Love, Elder Toly

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week #46

Hey, so this was a pretty crazy week after emailing last week we drove back to Lindsay to get my companions stuff and then drove to Toronto to pick up a couple mandarin speaking elders who needed a ride to transfers. Let me tell you, driving through Toronto is INSANE! There are people everywhere and bikes and yeah just a lot going on. I probably ran like three red lights ha-ha. Finally we made it to Brampton and stayed over at the Assistants where there were a ton of missionaries staying so it was super fun.
 The next day we had to go over to the Stake Center early cause I had to attend the trainers meeting. I was super nervous and not to excited ha-ha. But it all went well and I was able to get my new companion,... Elder Morris from Salt Lake City, Utah. Super humble and loving guy who is just so ready to work,. My kind of missionary. He graduated the same year as me but decided to do a year of school at the University of Utah.

 It was a good week though. We found 8 new investigators. Had our investigator come to church for the third time which is great. One of our investigators was found through a really cool way. We were planning, Elder Morris' first and we had a little extra time so I showed him a map he had never seen before and invited him to pray for a street to tract and left for a few minutes, came back and he had picked a street. So the next day we tract that street and nothing on the one side and the next side first house we get let in and teach the Restoration. It was great. 
Later that same day we were called from a member who said she had a friend who wanted some help so we went over and taught him the first lesson and when we were getting to the end I remembered one of the things a new missionary is supposed to do their first week is invite people to baptism so I nudged him to do it and he invited the man with a lot of boldness. It was great. The best thing is that the guy accepted the invitation and agreed to August 7. Still a lot of learning and work to do with him, but hopefully we can help him change himself through the gospel. 
On Thursday night we went and slept over at the zone leaders place which was really great and fun and the next morning we had zone council in which I had to do an instruction on repentance which went very well. 

We had a great branch council as one of the Stake presidency members showed up and things went good and the spirit was felt. 
One of our returning members got interviewed for his patriarchal blessing and was good to go for it and soon will be preparing for the Melchizedek priesthood. 
Had a great dinner at Sister Pollards (love that lady, heart of gold) who had all of her grandkids over which are all crazy but fun.
 Pretty solid first week of the transfer. Well that's about it but have a great eh?

-Elder Toly from Week 46

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week #45--Lindsay Again

Hey, so some things that happened this week... I'll keep it short though because I don't have much time. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to go do a baptismal interview in Peterborough where I interviewed a mother with her two children. She was super prepared so it was really a great spiritual experience and her 9 year old and I became pretty good friends so that was awesome.

On Wednesday we helped move some members from out of town just down the street from us so its nice to have a solid member who lives near us (most of the branch council live out of town) After the move though we had dinner there and we got fed these huge hot dogs which were really good ha-ha.

On Friday we had our last district meeting of the transfer which was really fun. It was on Canada Day so we got a couple of sisters to sing the national anthem with a uke. I also joked around with them all cause almost all are American ha ha. It was also Elder Turners last district meeting so we did his dying or finishing photo.

After we went on exchanges. I went to Oshawa with Elder Johnson who was one of my zone leaders back in London. It was good and we got to see the fireworks from their apartment building. The next day we had a lesson with one of our investigators which went well and he came to church which was great to see. On Sunday we had church which of course was good as usual. After we drove out to Cambray and visited one of our investigators and read some of the book of Mormon and it seemed to make sense to him. He will probably be coming to church next week which will be great.

Sunday night we got transfer calls... I will be staying in Lindsay for another transfer ha-ha and I will be training a new missionary so tomorrow I get to go pick him up. Just before emailing this, we went to a trampoline park with the zone leader and some members which was super fun and was my first time. Super tiring but really fun.

Well thats a quick recap of this week hope you all have a great week yourself!

Elder Toly from week 45