Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 48

Heeeey Guys its Elder Toly Back for another round. I feel like after my mission they should just make a movie based on what I write in these blog letters. That would be pretty interesting. Instead of "Life Of Pi" It would be "Life Of Elder Toly". I don't know, just food for thought haha.

This week was pretty great though and we saw some awesome miracles. Monday started with Moma Doering of course which was really great.

Tuesday, we met with one of our investigators and taught the first half of the plan of Salvation. The Spirit was really strong. The guy is pretty humble and took a liking to us and at the end of the lesson said if there were ever some people giving us some grief he would come and take em out haha. Funny, but just goes to show the Spirit can bring people closer together than any other way. Also met with an Investigator we hadn't seen for a while. Had read the plan of Salvation pamphlet we had left with him before and had some really good question. Unfortunately, it'll be a while till we see him again because he is getting married early August so he is super busy.

Wednesday we went outside Lindsay to a returning members house for lunch which was great. Later we went out to Cambray (this super small place) and met with one of our investigators who loves talking about the end of the world and loves how we do food supply and how we are prepared. Loves to talk a lot haha but his friend was there and apparently has been having good promptings about the "Mormon church".

Thursday we had weekly planning which went well. It isn't my favorite thing to do but it works. We also met with one of our returning members.

Friday we had to drive all the way to Oshawa, because of the way they organized the districts. It was good though. Talked about opening our mouths and letting everyone have the chance to hear the gospel. Also met with a couple other people including one investigator who has come out to church a few times. Also there was a big fire in Lindsay in which three buildings have burnt down. Some crazy stuff for a small place.

Saturday was a fun day. We met with another one of our investigators who is doing well. He read the Introduction to the Book of Mormon and then saw the reference to Moroni and went and read that as well. We then went out to Omemee which is in the middle of nowhere haha but we did some solid tracting and it was fun cause it was hot so some people offered us water and pop so we accepted haha.

Church was good the Presidents wife gave a talk about forgiviness and sister Pollard gave a great talk about Joy which I quite enjoyed. She quoted one of the members who has said "Taking offence is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die from it" Really was quite great. We also had dinner with the new young family we mover in the previous week and they are awesome. We also had two investigators at church which was great. One is a convert and the others family were converts and he was baptized at 8 but his whole family went less active and he returned later while in his 20s and went on a mission. They are both solid and are missionary minded and have just what the branch needs.

Another great quote of the week used in district meeting was "I believe in God Like I believe in The Sun, Not becasue I can see it, but because by it, I can see Everything else" -C.S Lewis.

Thats pretty much my week or week 48 to be specific. Hope you all have a great one as well!


Elder Toly

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