Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #53----hit 1 year date

Hey everyone, This is Elder Toly reporting again so I hope you're ready!

This was a crazy week as it was the week I officially hit my year mark! It was weird. On the 25 I was just laying in bed and was thinking "dang a year ago this night I was in a hotel in Great Falls, Montana waiting for tomorrow morning when I would leave on a plane ride to Utah. Kinda just blows my mind that it has been a year. It feels like its been super fast, but I definitely know that there have been parts that felt like they took forever. I would be lying to you if I said it has been the best year of my life. It has definitely not, but there have been opportunities I've had, things I've seen, and ways I've grown that I could not have experienced if I had stayed home.

It was a fair time this week. For those of you who don't know, Elder Douglas whom I am training whitewashed into this area and were left very little notes so you would think we could get more information from the members right? Nope. The first Sunday being here we had the Elder Ballard Broadcast and luckily enough next Sunday we had Stake Conference so we are still working to find out everything despite the odds playing against us.

While teaching a couple different investigators we were able find a couple more investigators which was nice. In terms of working with less active members we are still trying to find out what the previous missionaries were doing.

On Wednesday we had district meeting and I was giving an instruction on Opening your mouth and talking to everyone. I then asked why we as missionaries might not want to talk to everyone. I told everyone to start blurting out answers and instinctively saw a garbage can and put it in the middle of the room into which all the excuses and reasons for not talking were directed. I actually kicked it a few times too so it was visual really telling everyone we have not reason not to talk to everyone because that is our purpose as missionaries.

Anyways after that meeting I went on exchanges with an Elder T (I say T because he has the longest last name ever.) in Barrie. It was pretty fun. He was born in France but raised in the French Polynesian islands and didn't learn almost any English till he entered the field. Great guy.

Other than that, nothing too crazy happened this week. But hey, thanks for reading this and hope your week is spectacular! Thanks for hanging in for the last year with me.

Love ya! -Elder Toly from week 53.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #52----1 year mark--WOW

Oh man oh hot dang! Wow whatta week! Let me tell you.

So much crazy stuff has happened, I'll see if I can tell you it all! So on Monday we drove to Toronto and picked up a couple of Spanish speaking elders and drove the right to Brampton and stayed the night with a couple of other elders. The next morning we headed to the stake center early because I had to go to the trainers meeting cause I was going to get a new greenie. Anyways his name is Elder Douglas. Hes actually from Burlington, Ontario and is waiting for his visa but get this... Hes been a covert for just over a year which is insane. Great guy and look forward to getting to know him better!

After the trainers stuff we left to our Newmarket which is Newmarket whitewashing in. So a whitewash is when both missionaries are new to the area as opposed to one being new and the other already being well established there. So we get there and for the life of us can't find our apartment. Later with some help we were able to locate it and got to a dinner with a member.

The next day was really just figuring out the area and unfortunately the past elders did not leave us with much information. So we spent some time finding. Thursday came and we were able to meet with a couple investigators. We also met with a returning member who has had a really tough time. His brother had recently just passed away and he was ready to come back and wanted his two kids aged 8 and 9 to get baptized. We were of course happy to help and were able to talk with him about what he needs to do as well as give him a blessing. Also read Alma 40:11 which he really seemed to like.

Next day we went to a BBQ at a workplace in which quite a few members work so we were able to meet a few which was great. We also met with our ward mission leader who is pretty great. We also went up north to meet with an lady who is really great. She was preparing for baptism and has a difficult past but the gospel can really help. She had a great question on which she was unsure on but we really got to meet her and get to know her.

Saturday we were able to go to Brampton to see Elder Ballard who is one of the 12 apostles (hes a pretty big deal if you don't know about him) He spoke to us missionaries and it was really great and we each got to shake his hand. I ended up sitting directly in front of him a few rows back and every once in a while we would make eye contact and just would stay like that for a few seconds which was really great and later our mission president said he had reported that... actually here is a quote directly from our mission president "Elder Ballard said that he specifically noticed that you were not afraid to look in his eyes and connect one on one" So that was pretty cool. Later that day we heard him speak again. The next day he spoke in a broadcast that went to our building and it was equally great.

After wards we met with our investigator and our ward mission leader and his wife to share a message. It went really well and the wife was able to help answer her question. The ward mission leader shared his testimony which was really profound and brought tears to her eyes. Shes truly a great person who needs the gospel ( ok well we all do but you know what I Mean)

Anyways thats the scoop on this week. Its nuts how I will be hitting my year mark this week. Can't believe it.

Thanks for all your support and for reading this. By the way I have no idea who reads this but shout out to all of you. Peace out all. Have a great week.

-Elder Toly From week 52

Sorry no pictures this week

Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #51

Hey everyone. This was a pretty good week and I got some juicy news for y'all.

On Monday we had Pday which was ok. Then we went the Brennans for dinner which was pretty good. Tuesday we went up to a place called Bobcaygeon in our area which is a huge boating area and is super pretty. Wednesday we had an appointment with a new investigator who was pretty good. When we were giving him some reading to do at the end he was like "I'll just start from the beginning and read the whole thing." Which was really awesome haha. Also had an appointment with one of our progressing investigators and it was really great. The spirit was really strong and he seemed pretty committed to continuing in the gospel. We then went to a members place which was in the middle of nowhere but it was pretty good. She served us some corn and was saying it was better than Taber corn which it was not haha. Taber corn is still the best!

After we went to the Zone leaders and stayed the night because the next week we had to go to Brampton for the trainers meeting and Temple Trip. The next day we went there and the temple was really great and was a great experience. Friday we had our last district meeting of the transfer which went pretty great.

We also met with another new investigator. Lesson went well and at the end he said his first verbal prayer ever which was awesome! Saturday we were super busy with appointments and the weather was insane with a ton of rain which was well needed cause our area was the driest in Ontario which had its driest year since the 1940s. Sunday church was great Also met with a returning member and some members.

Got our transfer calls. I am training another missionary and we are whitewashing into a place called Newmarket. Should be pretty good. This morning we had breakfast with a couple of my favorite people in Lindsay Danton and Ron. A couple studs who I will miss.

Lindsays been real and I have learnt some good things but its nice to go somewhere new. HAve a great week everyone! Elder Toly From week 51

Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 50

Heeeey Everyone!

Its Elder Toly again reporting in for another great blog sesh. I also just want to thank you all for checking out some of my life by taking 5 minutes of your life to do it haha. This was a pretty good week here in the great farming community of Kawartha Lakes. The weather has been super hot still but we were also blessed with a couple cooler days as well which was stupendous. On Tuesday we had preparation day in which we went to Oshawa for sports there. It was super fun and I gotta play a couple games of Ping Pong which I have not gotten to do for a while. It was great being with a large group of missionaries because we are so isolated up more in the northern part of the zone. We also went to an all you can eat Chinese buffet place called the Mandarin which is a huge staple here in Ontario. It was good.

On Wednesday we went to all you can eat sushi which was great. We also met with one of our investigators who has a baptismal date. We were planning on sharing a lesson with him when circumstances changed what we shared because he was super stressed with stuff going on in his life so we read through the scriptures instead. We read 3 Nephi chapter 11 which tells of Christ coming to the Americas. It went very well and at the end he said his first prayer with us and in it, gave thanks for the peace he had from reading and from the message. Something super cool. Unfortunately we were not able to meet with another one of our investigators with a baptismal dates, but hey, its all good.

Thursday we had a pretty good day. We went to an investigator we had found earlier that week and instead of teaching him, he wanted us to teach his children while he was in the other room. So we were sitting there with 4 kids fro ages 2 or 3 to 8 years old haha so we taught the first message, the restoration and then showed them for kids where they can watch some videos. Cute kids, but it was crazy and unexpected haha. Later that night we went and had dinner at moma Doerings home and from there did some finding then drove to the zone leaders place in Oshawa to stay the night because the next day we were to have zone council.

Friday morning for exercise we went over to a skate park with the zone leaders and some scooters and had some fun and took some awesome photos which I still need to get from one of them. The meeting was excellent and we had a good time and had a couple good zone photos. Afterwards we went on exchanges and Elder Anderson from Utah (who woulda guessed eh???) came to Lindsay. We met with a few returning members and our new convert Marie. We also drove out to a member family in the middle of nowhere and had dinner which was nice. Saturday we dropped by a couple people including a member Who I hadn't met yet due to being less active but it was good. We shared a message on Faith which was great and turned into a swell discussion.

Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting and I got up to bear my testimony. Most of you probably won't remember me ever bearing my testimony in a meeting like that because I almost never did. Regardless it felt good. If you have a testimony, share it cause you never know who needs it.

Thats pretty much the week in a nutshell, but hope yours is even better. Also just wanted to give my dad a shout cause he recently just got called to serve in a Ysa ward bishopric.

Have a swell week!

Elder Toly from Week 50

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week #49

Week 49 My friends.

Things have been pretty good here in the Depths of Kawartha Lakes or Lindsay that is to say. We had a great p-day and had dinner at Moma Doerings which great as usual.

Tuesday we were at a returning members house and it was really interesting. We had a person there who identified himself as a transsexual and it was super interesting to say the least, but we happened to be sharing a message on virtue and he seemed to agree with some things.

We also started a competition in the district and called it the Olympics. Each companionship was a different country and had to do different competitions each day.

Thursday was a super awesome day. Had a couple member appointments and a couple investigators we met. Saw a couple miracles and they both committed to baptism which was really awesome.

Friday had district meeting and went on exchanges with Elder Johnson to Oshawa. Was pretty good we taught a little Asian lady at a park bench and some people came around and gave us free jumbo freezies which I LOVE. I was so pumped. So we're all sitting at this park table eating freezies and she is getting it all over her hands ha ha. It was funny.

Sunday was really great. Had dinner with a great younger couple the Brennans who are awesome. Then yesterday we did some solid tacting cause it was a holiday.

So sorry its short this week but love you all!