Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week #49

Week 49 My friends.

Things have been pretty good here in the Depths of Kawartha Lakes or Lindsay that is to say. We had a great p-day and had dinner at Moma Doerings which great as usual.

Tuesday we were at a returning members house and it was really interesting. We had a person there who identified himself as a transsexual and it was super interesting to say the least, but we happened to be sharing a message on virtue and he seemed to agree with some things.

We also started a competition in the district and called it the Olympics. Each companionship was a different country and had to do different competitions each day.

Thursday was a super awesome day. Had a couple member appointments and a couple investigators we met. Saw a couple miracles and they both committed to baptism which was really awesome.

Friday had district meeting and went on exchanges with Elder Johnson to Oshawa. Was pretty good we taught a little Asian lady at a park bench and some people came around and gave us free jumbo freezies which I LOVE. I was so pumped. So we're all sitting at this park table eating freezies and she is getting it all over her hands ha ha. It was funny.

Sunday was really great. Had dinner with a great younger couple the Brennans who are awesome. Then yesterday we did some solid tacting cause it was a holiday.

So sorry its short this week but love you all!

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