Monday, August 22, 2016

Week #52----1 year mark--WOW

Oh man oh hot dang! Wow whatta week! Let me tell you.

So much crazy stuff has happened, I'll see if I can tell you it all! So on Monday we drove to Toronto and picked up a couple of Spanish speaking elders and drove the right to Brampton and stayed the night with a couple of other elders. The next morning we headed to the stake center early because I had to go to the trainers meeting cause I was going to get a new greenie. Anyways his name is Elder Douglas. Hes actually from Burlington, Ontario and is waiting for his visa but get this... Hes been a covert for just over a year which is insane. Great guy and look forward to getting to know him better!

After the trainers stuff we left to our Newmarket which is Newmarket whitewashing in. So a whitewash is when both missionaries are new to the area as opposed to one being new and the other already being well established there. So we get there and for the life of us can't find our apartment. Later with some help we were able to locate it and got to a dinner with a member.

The next day was really just figuring out the area and unfortunately the past elders did not leave us with much information. So we spent some time finding. Thursday came and we were able to meet with a couple investigators. We also met with a returning member who has had a really tough time. His brother had recently just passed away and he was ready to come back and wanted his two kids aged 8 and 9 to get baptized. We were of course happy to help and were able to talk with him about what he needs to do as well as give him a blessing. Also read Alma 40:11 which he really seemed to like.

Next day we went to a BBQ at a workplace in which quite a few members work so we were able to meet a few which was great. We also met with our ward mission leader who is pretty great. We also went up north to meet with an lady who is really great. She was preparing for baptism and has a difficult past but the gospel can really help. She had a great question on which she was unsure on but we really got to meet her and get to know her.

Saturday we were able to go to Brampton to see Elder Ballard who is one of the 12 apostles (hes a pretty big deal if you don't know about him) He spoke to us missionaries and it was really great and we each got to shake his hand. I ended up sitting directly in front of him a few rows back and every once in a while we would make eye contact and just would stay like that for a few seconds which was really great and later our mission president said he had reported that... actually here is a quote directly from our mission president "Elder Ballard said that he specifically noticed that you were not afraid to look in his eyes and connect one on one" So that was pretty cool. Later that day we heard him speak again. The next day he spoke in a broadcast that went to our building and it was equally great.

After wards we met with our investigator and our ward mission leader and his wife to share a message. It went really well and the wife was able to help answer her question. The ward mission leader shared his testimony which was really profound and brought tears to her eyes. Shes truly a great person who needs the gospel ( ok well we all do but you know what I Mean)

Anyways thats the scoop on this week. Its nuts how I will be hitting my year mark this week. Can't believe it.

Thanks for all your support and for reading this. By the way I have no idea who reads this but shout out to all of you. Peace out all. Have a great week.

-Elder Toly From week 52

Sorry no pictures this week

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