Monday, August 29, 2016

Week #53----hit 1 year date

Hey everyone, This is Elder Toly reporting again so I hope you're ready!

This was a crazy week as it was the week I officially hit my year mark! It was weird. On the 25 I was just laying in bed and was thinking "dang a year ago this night I was in a hotel in Great Falls, Montana waiting for tomorrow morning when I would leave on a plane ride to Utah. Kinda just blows my mind that it has been a year. It feels like its been super fast, but I definitely know that there have been parts that felt like they took forever. I would be lying to you if I said it has been the best year of my life. It has definitely not, but there have been opportunities I've had, things I've seen, and ways I've grown that I could not have experienced if I had stayed home.

It was a fair time this week. For those of you who don't know, Elder Douglas whom I am training whitewashed into this area and were left very little notes so you would think we could get more information from the members right? Nope. The first Sunday being here we had the Elder Ballard Broadcast and luckily enough next Sunday we had Stake Conference so we are still working to find out everything despite the odds playing against us.

While teaching a couple different investigators we were able find a couple more investigators which was nice. In terms of working with less active members we are still trying to find out what the previous missionaries were doing.

On Wednesday we had district meeting and I was giving an instruction on Opening your mouth and talking to everyone. I then asked why we as missionaries might not want to talk to everyone. I told everyone to start blurting out answers and instinctively saw a garbage can and put it in the middle of the room into which all the excuses and reasons for not talking were directed. I actually kicked it a few times too so it was visual really telling everyone we have not reason not to talk to everyone because that is our purpose as missionaries.

Anyways after that meeting I went on exchanges with an Elder T (I say T because he has the longest last name ever.) in Barrie. It was pretty fun. He was born in France but raised in the French Polynesian islands and didn't learn almost any English till he entered the field. Great guy.

Other than that, nothing too crazy happened this week. But hey, thanks for reading this and hope your week is spectacular! Thanks for hanging in for the last year with me.

Love ya! -Elder Toly from week 53.

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