Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #57

Week 57: ( sorry no pictures!)

Alright I got some juicy news for all of you!

This week we got a call and Elder Douglas finally got his visa to go to England! Pretty exciting cause one of my friends Elder Anderson is serving in the same mission so they'll get to meet each other.

I then got a call on Sunday and I am getting new companion Elder Pollard who has been out for about 3 months so pretty new still. So I don't have a ton to write about this week but here is a brief overview:

Monday: Went and played some pool at the Marks who also took some nice photos of us.

Tuesday: Met with a member and went on exchanges with an Elder Tolley who've I've gone on exchange with before. Got to do some service for a sister in our ward who loaded us up with some food to eat which was solid. Also met with one of our investigators who is doing alright but will be outta town for a week so we won't see him till then.

Wednesday: We had our last district meeting which went well and had lunch and went and did some tracting in which we found a guy who said he would be interested and he was black so that was a bonus. We also had dinner at a members house the Revills who had a couple bearded dragons which we had placed on us while we shared the spiritual thought and I was able to relate repenting/being born again to when they shed their skins for the 11 year old kid to understand.

Thursday: Met with one of our investigators and wife who has two kids that are members. One who goes to school in Utah and the other who is on a mission in Germany and he has been investigating for three years and comes to church and when he goes to Sudbury he goes to our church there too. He just needs to join ha ha. We also met with an less active and then had dinner with the Irvines who are pretty sweet.

Friday: Some members took us out for lunch at a really nice/pricey place. They're the Orlovs and are from Russia and are converts of about 3 years and are solid. We also met with our same investigator who we had seen earlier this week. Later we went and say one of our returning members.

Saturday: Just spent a lot of time finding. =)

Sunday: We went to church and had a few non members ( not investigators but will soon because we are meeting them on Friday) who were invited by bro Kuettel Sr. Who is solid and also had the guy whose kids are members and his wife come. Then we had dinner at bro Baileys (he feeds us steak so he's a champ) and then went to Brampton so Elder Douglas could be interviewed by President. Then we got to stay the night with the Brampton elders which include my old companion Elder Taylor which was sweet and the aps as well one whose dad is from Raymond so of course is last name is Holt. That's the week though.

Love ya.-Elder Toly

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #56

"Week 56 Report:

'We have continued to press on onward. Although our food supply has been low we have continued to make it last. Hopefully we can make it through the next days. the weather has been getting cooler and the sun has been going down so we are having fewer interactions with the inhabitants here. They continue to miss out on what we have to share with them and we are facing opposition from a few. I hope we can make it."

Alright I'm just kidding, but for real last pday elder Douglas and I didn't buy any groceries so we were getting scarce on food but we pushed through haha. The weather here is still warm, but you can definitely feel it start to get cooler and especially in a couple of our morning runs where is feels great. A few of the trees here are changing color, but based off last year if we wait a few more weeks it's going to be super pretty. But since we're not here to talk about the weather lets get down to business.

On Monday we went to one of our members houses and played pool with a couple of other elders in our district. We played teams and I just gotta say we didn't lose. After we went to an appointment with an investigator who has some super interesting ideas about things and last time talked a lot, but this time we talked about the plan of Salvation and he totally was different and was way more intent on listening. We committed him to pray to know if God was there.

The next day we drove to Toronto because Elder Douglas needed to do some visa stuff. It was pretty nice and there was a ton of people. The really bad thing though about big cities that I hate though is rush hour. Which we had to drive through after we were done.

We then met with a part member family in which we are teaching the kids who are 8 and 10. It went well and we taught really simply and they seemed to understand everything.

On Wednesday we went up north to do service with a sister and then later had dinner with another part member family. The grandma of the family is hilarious. When she drinks juice she will keep it in her mouth for like 20 minutes and just smiles at everyone while we're talking haha.

The next day we had zone council in which I gave an instruction about waking up and doing studies and talked about how our morning schedules affect our studies which affect having the spirit with us to teach people better. Talked about how exercise is key and how waking up and praying and studying early in the morning to receive revelation is doctrine. So many accounts from the bible talk of a prophest waking early and even Christ himself and how the first vision occurred on a Spring morning.

On Friday we had coordination meeting and during so we got a call from one of our investigators who was saying how everything makes sense, but due to circumstances can't meet up right now.

We then had a ward corn roast which was pretty fun and it was nice to throw around a football which is fun but not as fun as when we would make football trips down to Bonners Ferry in Idaho which my brother got to do and they won (we never lost to them ;)) after the ward party we went to go drop by a family and they were not home and we are waiting at the door and I turn around to see a man across the street filming us. We walk towards him to say hi and he yells "NO INGLES" and is obviously angry so we walk away and hes yelling profanity at us and all that jazz. So people just need to dump their garbage sometimes and I guess we were the lucky ones haha.

Next day we went to church and then went to an older brothers in the ward who fed us lunch whos pretty awesome and very witty. Rather than say you're welcome. He says you're welscum. What that means, I have no idea haha. Anyways thats the week for ya.

Take it easy and remember that there are miracles. If you really want to hear about something crazy my friend Matt Stewart had something that truly was a miracle happen to him. Go check out his stuff and have yourself a killer week!

-Elder Toly

Monday, September 12, 2016


Wow another week done and I am here once again vegging out looking at at computer monitor putting my soul into making another blog entry haha for you all to read. Isn't it crazy sometimes how time flies?

So because I had my pday on Tuesday this is going to be a shorter entry ( but hey its not like I write a ton anyways right?) Tuesday evening after pday we went to a members house called the Irvines and had dinner which was quite fabulous.

On Wednesday we met with a couple of investgators one of who we had invited to baptism previously but he wasn't sure and this time when we asked him about it he said he needed to talk to his family first which prefectly fine.Thursday we dropped by some people and also one of our members Brother Wright took us out for dinner at this classy place called the "Pickle Barrel" where they have these huge milkshakes and its quite a bit so we were pretty much challenged and I gotta say, we were victorious! We also had done service with him for a single sister in the ward and got to know him a little bit better. Hes a convert and hes so awesome cause hes so straight forward its hilarious. He also is an artist and showed us some of his art.

Later that night we drove down to Toronto to stay at another Elders apartment and got there early and did some contacting. I just gotta say there was a lot of black people which was sweet and we met a lot of cool people there. Hopefully I'll serve in Toronto someday.... The next day we woke up early and went to the zone conference where we had a 70, Elder Arnold attending and because there were only two of these meeting for the whole mission we had over half the mission thee which was pretty great. He shared and taught a lot of useful and wise things.

On Saturday we were heading to an appointment and by the time we got to the door we saw it had cancelled on the phone. We then went and talked to a guy walking by and he said we could come back tomorrow. He was super cool and open but I'll talk about that a little later.

On Sunday we had the Relief Society President come up to us and give us some cards from the primary children which were super great and during church we went into the primary kids room and thanked and talked with them for a little bit. Man kids definitely are better than people.

Later that day we went to our friends place from the night before and we're having a good lesson/ discussion about what read from the plan of salvation pamphlet we had given him when all of a sudden he swears. Also a side note is that hes 19 and he says that his parents are home and we look out the window and see a car pulling in the driveway and he quickly explains that his dad doesn't like Mormons (which I think is crazy haha) so we all quickly run to the front door and grab all of our stuff and then run to the back door and quickly run out with him ushering us on and then we hop his fence. It was so intense and hilarious. Definitely a kick of adrenaline as we did this all before they got to the front door. We then met with him later at the park but it was just a great experience haha

Anyways hope you all have a great week hopping those various fences in your own lives.

Peace out.

Elder Toly from week 55/

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week #54

Hey hey! Another week here in Newmarket. 
This last week we were blessed to find 3 new investigators which was great. We actually found two of them at this place called fairy lake that everyone comes to so its perfect for finding people to share our message. Its also so pretty and everyone is playing this still kinda new phone app called pokemon go, I haven't played it though so I guess you'll have to tell me how it is. 
We had district meeting on Wednesday which was about commitments and their importance. I invited an elder to come stand up to which I started telling him about Tim Hortons doughnuts and telling him how great they are and how they really have been great for my taste buds and promised him they could be good for him if he tried them. I them told him sit down and we continued the instruction/discussion. At the end I brought him back up and did the same thing, this time however I committed him to to go look under something to which he did and there was a box of tim hortons timbits to which we all got to taste. The lesson behind it is that as missionaries we don't just teach people for fun and to give them more knowledge but we do it so they can change their lives and we do that by giving people commitments or things to do that will build their faith so that they can taste the timbits (or fruits or repentance, same thing right?) 
Afterwards I went on exchange with an elder Carullo who actually was someone I went on exchanges with back when I was in London so it had almost been a year since our first exchange which was crazy. It was a super good day though as we met with some investigators and returning members.
 On Friday we drove to Brampton because elder Douglas had to do some stuff for his visa but it was good and I got to see one of my former comps elder Taylor who is serving there. 
Sunday was super good in the fact we finally had a regular 3 block sunday service so we were able to introduce ourselves properly after being here for almost three weeks! It was great though and they actually had an evening sacrament so that was nice. 
One cool thing about this unit is they do this thing with a bread bakery is that each sunday we get the extras not sold and we bring just a ton of bread and pastries to the church where people can come and get some free bread. Needless to say we don't ever have to buy any!

Thats pretty much my week though. Hope yours is great too and that you go and get some timbits! (Elder Toly from week 54)