Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week #54

Hey hey! Another week here in Newmarket. 
This last week we were blessed to find 3 new investigators which was great. We actually found two of them at this place called fairy lake that everyone comes to so its perfect for finding people to share our message. Its also so pretty and everyone is playing this still kinda new phone app called pokemon go, I haven't played it though so I guess you'll have to tell me how it is. 
We had district meeting on Wednesday which was about commitments and their importance. I invited an elder to come stand up to which I started telling him about Tim Hortons doughnuts and telling him how great they are and how they really have been great for my taste buds and promised him they could be good for him if he tried them. I them told him sit down and we continued the instruction/discussion. At the end I brought him back up and did the same thing, this time however I committed him to to go look under something to which he did and there was a box of tim hortons timbits to which we all got to taste. The lesson behind it is that as missionaries we don't just teach people for fun and to give them more knowledge but we do it so they can change their lives and we do that by giving people commitments or things to do that will build their faith so that they can taste the timbits (or fruits or repentance, same thing right?) 
Afterwards I went on exchange with an elder Carullo who actually was someone I went on exchanges with back when I was in London so it had almost been a year since our first exchange which was crazy. It was a super good day though as we met with some investigators and returning members.
 On Friday we drove to Brampton because elder Douglas had to do some stuff for his visa but it was good and I got to see one of my former comps elder Taylor who is serving there. 
Sunday was super good in the fact we finally had a regular 3 block sunday service so we were able to introduce ourselves properly after being here for almost three weeks! It was great though and they actually had an evening sacrament so that was nice. 
One cool thing about this unit is they do this thing with a bread bakery is that each sunday we get the extras not sold and we bring just a ton of bread and pastries to the church where people can come and get some free bread. Needless to say we don't ever have to buy any!

Thats pretty much my week though. Hope yours is great too and that you go and get some timbits! (Elder Toly from week 54)

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