Monday, September 19, 2016

Week #56

"Week 56 Report:

'We have continued to press on onward. Although our food supply has been low we have continued to make it last. Hopefully we can make it through the next days. the weather has been getting cooler and the sun has been going down so we are having fewer interactions with the inhabitants here. They continue to miss out on what we have to share with them and we are facing opposition from a few. I hope we can make it."

Alright I'm just kidding, but for real last pday elder Douglas and I didn't buy any groceries so we were getting scarce on food but we pushed through haha. The weather here is still warm, but you can definitely feel it start to get cooler and especially in a couple of our morning runs where is feels great. A few of the trees here are changing color, but based off last year if we wait a few more weeks it's going to be super pretty. But since we're not here to talk about the weather lets get down to business.

On Monday we went to one of our members houses and played pool with a couple of other elders in our district. We played teams and I just gotta say we didn't lose. After we went to an appointment with an investigator who has some super interesting ideas about things and last time talked a lot, but this time we talked about the plan of Salvation and he totally was different and was way more intent on listening. We committed him to pray to know if God was there.

The next day we drove to Toronto because Elder Douglas needed to do some visa stuff. It was pretty nice and there was a ton of people. The really bad thing though about big cities that I hate though is rush hour. Which we had to drive through after we were done.

We then met with a part member family in which we are teaching the kids who are 8 and 10. It went well and we taught really simply and they seemed to understand everything.

On Wednesday we went up north to do service with a sister and then later had dinner with another part member family. The grandma of the family is hilarious. When she drinks juice she will keep it in her mouth for like 20 minutes and just smiles at everyone while we're talking haha.

The next day we had zone council in which I gave an instruction about waking up and doing studies and talked about how our morning schedules affect our studies which affect having the spirit with us to teach people better. Talked about how exercise is key and how waking up and praying and studying early in the morning to receive revelation is doctrine. So many accounts from the bible talk of a prophest waking early and even Christ himself and how the first vision occurred on a Spring morning.

On Friday we had coordination meeting and during so we got a call from one of our investigators who was saying how everything makes sense, but due to circumstances can't meet up right now.

We then had a ward corn roast which was pretty fun and it was nice to throw around a football which is fun but not as fun as when we would make football trips down to Bonners Ferry in Idaho which my brother got to do and they won (we never lost to them ;)) after the ward party we went to go drop by a family and they were not home and we are waiting at the door and I turn around to see a man across the street filming us. We walk towards him to say hi and he yells "NO INGLES" and is obviously angry so we walk away and hes yelling profanity at us and all that jazz. So people just need to dump their garbage sometimes and I guess we were the lucky ones haha.

Next day we went to church and then went to an older brothers in the ward who fed us lunch whos pretty awesome and very witty. Rather than say you're welcome. He says you're welscum. What that means, I have no idea haha. Anyways thats the week for ya.

Take it easy and remember that there are miracles. If you really want to hear about something crazy my friend Matt Stewart had something that truly was a miracle happen to him. Go check out his stuff and have yourself a killer week!

-Elder Toly

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