Monday, September 26, 2016

Week #57

Week 57: ( sorry no pictures!)

Alright I got some juicy news for all of you!

This week we got a call and Elder Douglas finally got his visa to go to England! Pretty exciting cause one of my friends Elder Anderson is serving in the same mission so they'll get to meet each other.

I then got a call on Sunday and I am getting new companion Elder Pollard who has been out for about 3 months so pretty new still. So I don't have a ton to write about this week but here is a brief overview:

Monday: Went and played some pool at the Marks who also took some nice photos of us.

Tuesday: Met with a member and went on exchanges with an Elder Tolley who've I've gone on exchange with before. Got to do some service for a sister in our ward who loaded us up with some food to eat which was solid. Also met with one of our investigators who is doing alright but will be outta town for a week so we won't see him till then.

Wednesday: We had our last district meeting which went well and had lunch and went and did some tracting in which we found a guy who said he would be interested and he was black so that was a bonus. We also had dinner at a members house the Revills who had a couple bearded dragons which we had placed on us while we shared the spiritual thought and I was able to relate repenting/being born again to when they shed their skins for the 11 year old kid to understand.

Thursday: Met with one of our investigators and wife who has two kids that are members. One who goes to school in Utah and the other who is on a mission in Germany and he has been investigating for three years and comes to church and when he goes to Sudbury he goes to our church there too. He just needs to join ha ha. We also met with an less active and then had dinner with the Irvines who are pretty sweet.

Friday: Some members took us out for lunch at a really nice/pricey place. They're the Orlovs and are from Russia and are converts of about 3 years and are solid. We also met with our same investigator who we had seen earlier this week. Later we went and say one of our returning members.

Saturday: Just spent a lot of time finding. =)

Sunday: We went to church and had a few non members ( not investigators but will soon because we are meeting them on Friday) who were invited by bro Kuettel Sr. Who is solid and also had the guy whose kids are members and his wife come. Then we had dinner at bro Baileys (he feeds us steak so he's a champ) and then went to Brampton so Elder Douglas could be interviewed by President. Then we got to stay the night with the Brampton elders which include my old companion Elder Taylor which was sweet and the aps as well one whose dad is from Raymond so of course is last name is Holt. That's the week though.

Love ya.-Elder Toly

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