Monday, September 12, 2016


Wow another week done and I am here once again vegging out looking at at computer monitor putting my soul into making another blog entry haha for you all to read. Isn't it crazy sometimes how time flies?

So because I had my pday on Tuesday this is going to be a shorter entry ( but hey its not like I write a ton anyways right?) Tuesday evening after pday we went to a members house called the Irvines and had dinner which was quite fabulous.

On Wednesday we met with a couple of investgators one of who we had invited to baptism previously but he wasn't sure and this time when we asked him about it he said he needed to talk to his family first which prefectly fine.Thursday we dropped by some people and also one of our members Brother Wright took us out for dinner at this classy place called the "Pickle Barrel" where they have these huge milkshakes and its quite a bit so we were pretty much challenged and I gotta say, we were victorious! We also had done service with him for a single sister in the ward and got to know him a little bit better. Hes a convert and hes so awesome cause hes so straight forward its hilarious. He also is an artist and showed us some of his art.

Later that night we drove down to Toronto to stay at another Elders apartment and got there early and did some contacting. I just gotta say there was a lot of black people which was sweet and we met a lot of cool people there. Hopefully I'll serve in Toronto someday.... The next day we woke up early and went to the zone conference where we had a 70, Elder Arnold attending and because there were only two of these meeting for the whole mission we had over half the mission thee which was pretty great. He shared and taught a lot of useful and wise things.

On Saturday we were heading to an appointment and by the time we got to the door we saw it had cancelled on the phone. We then went and talked to a guy walking by and he said we could come back tomorrow. He was super cool and open but I'll talk about that a little later.

On Sunday we had the Relief Society President come up to us and give us some cards from the primary children which were super great and during church we went into the primary kids room and thanked and talked with them for a little bit. Man kids definitely are better than people.

Later that day we went to our friends place from the night before and we're having a good lesson/ discussion about what read from the plan of salvation pamphlet we had given him when all of a sudden he swears. Also a side note is that hes 19 and he says that his parents are home and we look out the window and see a car pulling in the driveway and he quickly explains that his dad doesn't like Mormons (which I think is crazy haha) so we all quickly run to the front door and grab all of our stuff and then run to the back door and quickly run out with him ushering us on and then we hop his fence. It was so intense and hilarious. Definitely a kick of adrenaline as we did this all before they got to the front door. We then met with him later at the park but it was just a great experience haha

Anyways hope you all have a great week hopping those various fences in your own lives.

Peace out.

Elder Toly from week 55/

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