Monday, October 31, 2016

Week #62

Week 62: This was a good week.

Monday we had a surprise dinner with Bishop Carleton who is awesome. The guys a legend and so is the delicious stew he made for us.

Tuesday we didn't have a lot planned so we went with intention of knocking a ton of doors with the motivation we were doing it for the Lord. Miracle happened though and the door opened and we were let into the home of a young theology student studying at York university. It went really great and we taught the whole first lesson and he had asked some solid questions so we left him with a plan of salvation pamphlet and he already had a book of Mormon which we committed him to read and pray about. we will be seeing him this upcoming week again which is awesome! We also met with a returning member who is awesome. She is ridiculously funny and had us almost peeing our pants we were dying haha. Wednesday we had district meeting which went well. We then went out to this place called works burgers. They have over like 50 kinds of burgers and there are some crazy options like reese's pieces filled patties (I'm getting that one next time I go) and I got this burger with different kinds of bacon mixed in it and with the toppings. Supper not good for you but good for you if you know what I mean. We also met with someone we had been working with for few weeks. Last week we gave him a blessing and since then his health has improved and he is reading and praying and came to church for the second time in a row.

Thursday we found a new investigator and taught one of our old one and showed this video called "the hope of Gods light" go check it out on its stellar. We also did some service in which Elder pollard didn't have to clean out kitty litter but we did have to rake leaves in the snow which was new.

Friday was a decent day and we met with a person or 2.

Saturday was great. We had a new person show up to our English class from the Czech republic. We also went to Keswick and met a couple returning members there. We then went to meet one of our investigators at a public place and our member who wasn't apparently going to make it maybe showed up and it went pretty decent. He had read the book of Mormon and the restoration pamphlet and done the questions at the back.

Sunday was good and we got to hear a great talk on family councils. We also did this service thing our ward does which is bring leftover bread from a bakery to our church where non-members, neighbors and members can come get some stuff and this week there were a ton of pastries. That's pretty much the week though. We also had a dinner Sunday night where I was given some life changing advice. Don't get the gravy at KFC. haha

Love you all!

-Elder Toly

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week #61

Well, here we are again. Its Monday. I'm writing a blog and you are reading it right now.

On Monday we went to a Spanish family's place for dinner where they fed us Papousas (I don't know how to spell it and if you speak Spanish please ignore it haha) There these circular dough made things with meat and cheese on the inside. I've had them before but hadn't had any since Hamilton cause in my last area it was a bunch of white people. So anyways heres where the story changes. We are now back around our place and have a little more time left and decided to contact people around our place. The first is a lady (Nacho Libre voice "And that is a crazy lady") She is interested in why the world is going downhill and I give her an answer and she's like "you're good". We then talk with her a little bit and see if she is interested. She's not but would like to read the Book of Mormon so we give her one. She won't take one our cards with a number on it though because it has one of those things on the back you can scan with a phone and she says its cause the government can track her on it and other stuff as well. So she walks the way which is the way that our place is. We keep going the opposite direction and start heading back the way she went. We then run into this guy and start talking, while talking he randomly touches my arm and I'm like "are you ok man?" He says yes and we keep talking and he then randomly touches Elder Pollards shoe. And we are just confused haha. He then tells us he is homeless and hungry and asks if we have any food so we start walking to an convenience store and elder Pollard buys him a couple bags of chips and some water and while Elder Pollard is paying this guy finds a receipt on the floor of the store and is throwing it up repeatedly and is smiling and turning in circles like a crazy person. The lady we had talked to earlier is now in the store as well. So we give the guy his chips and here is where the story is a little hazy. We keep talking to the lady and the guy at different times and the guy leaves so we keep talking to the lady who is asking us questions. The guy then runs back to us and touches the ladys shoe and then runs away giggling. She is then telling him to come back cause she'll hit him with her stick. She then asks us what we think is wrong with him and I say "I think he's on the devils lettuce" she then replies agreeing with me using some choice language (She had a little bit of a potty mouth) and then says "you know what?! I think he's a Satanist" Man the glorious life of being missionary where you're not safe until the door actually closes (and locks) behind you to your apartment.

Tuesday was happy and sad. One of our investigators decided he no longer was going to continue learning because he wasn't willing to fit his will with the Lords. Too bad but at the same time we found a new person who has three kids and doesn't really believe in God but was willing to listen and accepted a book of Mormon to which he read a little bit.

On Wednesday we went to Keswick and met with one of our returning members. The old lady I have talked about before. We were planning on sharing the restoration and it turns out she had one of those books/pamphlets and was reading it just last night. We then committed her to come to church cause I was going to be speaking. After we went to an awesome families house called the Carltons. They made curry soup which was sooo good. Here in Ontario Curry is definitely more of a thing than out west. We then met with one of our investigators and it was cool cause he had read through the plan of salvation book and answered the questions in the back on his own and read the chapters we left with him but is still hesitant of church cause he works on Sundays. We also were meeting with someone at the church later that day while youth activities were going on and got into a game of 2 on 2 with a couple of young men. All I'm going say is the gym floor is now clean cause we used them to wipe it. 12-7. Who says you get out of shape on your mission?

On Thursday we went to Barrie for skills and interviews where everyone in the zone gets to met with the President. The meeting was pretty good. Then had dinner at the Genoas home and that was great.

Friday we met with a returning member struggling in his faith and shared a message and gave a priesthood blessing.

On Saturday we met with a couple people. One was a family from our ward who have such a large lot and home. it takes a minute to get to their home from the coded gate haha. Sunday I got to give a talk on missionary service which I was only given notice of less than a week before and I got to talk about mission work. I ended my talk by telling the congregation about my friend Brock Ramias who passed last year at this time. I talked about how we need to share with everyone so that we can leave this life and enter the next our friends will be thanking us for telling them about Jesus Christ and the gospel. One thing I remember about Brock is that while waiting before a football game in the lecture theater at LCI he went to a whiteboard and wrote "Only the strong Survive" and his older brother Brett pointed it out. I remember that making an impact on me that day and its stuck with me since. May we all be strong as we make it through the daily problems that life faces us with. It's possible and you can do it. Wherever you are and whatever situation. You can do it. If you turn to Christ things will get better. Only the strong(those who rely on Christ) survive.

Have a great week!

Elder Toly

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #60

Hey everyone!

Here is week 60 in a nutshell!

On Tuesday we finished emailing and went to a members house for dinner and she shared her conversion. You might not know it but sooo many people here in Ontario are converts. She had been searching her whole life and had started meeting members from the jehovahs witness' and one day she was meeting with them when two Mormon missionaries' came and knocked at her door while the jw's were there but she knew she had to talk to these two young men so she told them to come later and they did and then she went to church and as soon as she entered she knew it was the right church. Pretty cool. Her daughter was there and actually had two of her friends so they stayed and listened to the spiritual thought. Though I have been gone for over a year from everything I can say grade 10s are still like grade 10s. We then went and visited a less active 76 year old lady who threatened to throw me over her railing but it was ok and she said I had a gorgeous smile but then said I looked like a puppy. So I'm not really sure where we stand right now. haha.

The next day we had district meeting and then went to the upper floor of a superstore to teach an investigator. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how he had to read it and ask God if it was true to know for himself. That's what I like about this church is we don't try to convince people and make it super appealing to make them join but we reveal truth through light and invite people to ask God and find out for themselves. We literally share the message and it's up to you to find out if it's true. We also went and did service for a non member and later went and visited another investigator.

Thursday we went and helped out a member with moving some stuff. Elder Pollard got the short end of the stick and ended up shoveling some cat feces out of a litter box. "And I enjoyed every minute of it" he says.

Friday we were just running around everywhere so I'm not even going to highlight on that but just remembered something I gotta tell all of you. So Our meals were not going so great until this week and we had almost a meal everyday so we tried to make it better. We started taking fun pictures at some of our dinner appointments and posted them right by the dinner calendar and this week we got dinners every single day so now we are going to get fat. Be careful what you wish for!!

Saturday we met with a couple investigators. One which we might stop meeting with cause he is thinking it might not be for him cause his parents aren't for it.

On Sunday we had church and had a return missionary speak who just came from the BC mission which my buddy Elder McNabb serves in. We were able to find a new investigator and we got to take our 86 year old out to a dinner appointment with us who kept teasing me about my driving haha.

That's the week in a nutshell though. Thanks for cracking into it!

- Elder Toly

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week #59

Alright, Alright. Heres the deets of this week in the life of Elder Toly. 

This was a pretty good week

Monday we had our usual Pday.

Tuesday we met with a couple less active members which went well enough.

On Wednesday we met with one of our investigators who is a friend of the bishops and isn't interested in joining, but agreed to letting us come and "practice" our teaching on him which we hope will soften his heart. We also met with a ysa member in the library for a lesson and talked about how we can share the gospel online. I almost left a book of Mormon in one of the Library shelves, but took it out when I realized what section I had placed it in.

On Thursday we had a zone meeting which went pretty good and it talked about charity which is something Elder Pollard and myself want to work on. We then met with one of our investigators who we set a date for baptism with. He's still unsure but took a step and we agreed on one. We taught him the word of wisdom which is for those of you who don't know the lesson we teach people which outlines the things God has told us not to take such as coffee, tobacco, tea, alcohol, addictive substances and illegal drugs. Huge testimony on this as I've been on the mission and really do know we're not supposed to take these things. Our investigator knew it too but just wasn't sure if he was ready to take that step so we invited him to study it out and then to pray and ask God if it's true. We got a call later that day and some other missionaries saying one of their investigators was in the hospital and they asked us to go visit her and we did and fun thing that happened is we found one of our investigaotrs whom we had lost contact with for a while (the same one whose house we ran out of cause his parents don't like Mormons) and it turns out he had been there for almost 4 weeks. Nuts!

On Friday we went to Keswick which is North of Newmarket and has a ton of members. We went by a couple less actives. One is an old Hungarian lady whose seems super young because of her lingo. We found out that she has a little bit of a racist streak in her, but I guess she grew up in a different time.

On Saturday we finally got to meet this guy who had called our church and it turns out he really likes how our church is active with our missionaries going out and had seen the missionaries' in Windsor. We taught the whole first lesson in a grocery store and he was pretty down to learn more.

Sunday was good. We went to an investigators house for dinner. His kids are both members. One is on a mission is Germany and the other is going to school in Utah. Doesn't get more Mormon than that haha. He just needs to get baptized.

Monday we still had a regular day but we got fed lunch by some members the Chius and got to play with their swords.

 We also got to meet a couple less actives. We then got to have dinner with a member in a famous all you can eat place here in Ontario called the Madarin. We ate sooo much and Elder Pollard who has a black hole as a stomach just amazed me.

 We also went contacting around a lake and took a survey asking people what they were grateful for which was pretty fun. What are you all grateful for? ( I mean other than having the opportunity to read this blog letter right? ;))

Elder Toly

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week #58

Week 58:

Well What an eventful week it has been. Pretty nuts but just wait till I tell you how. So last Monday after emailing my companion and I went and played sports with the Brampton zone. Then Elder Douglas got picked up to go to the airport and I hung out with some other elders. The cool thing is though that today I was emailing Elder Anderson (Taylor) and who happens to be in that same mission and he saw him! No coincidences in this world.

On Tuesday I got got my new companion Elder Pollard who is actually from Medicine Hat, Alberta so I was pretty pumped about that and hes actually a convert himself of about 2 1/2 years so he is super solid and has only been out 3 months. Hes actually hilarious and I am constantly dying. Hes been teaching me how to solve a rubics cube so we'll see how that'll go. That same day we went to the bishops house and they had a friend over who now we'll be seeing tomorrow.

Wednesday we went to a place called Keswick and were able to meet with a less active lady who over the years had forgotten some basic thing which was too bad.

Thursday night we drove to a place called Orangeville to stay the night with almost all the elders in the zone which was pretty fun. We went cause the next morning we were able to attend the temple. Later we met with a person who had come to church with one of our members and was curious to learn more. English isn't his first language but it went well and the spirit was there. We went to dinner later that night with the members who brought him to church and it was great. Their names are the Kuettels. Both great missionaries who have served two couples missions and are in their 80s and are a huge impact in building the church here in Newmarket.

On Saturday we got to watch the conferences as well as Sunday and 1 of our investigators came to the priesthood session and 2 others watched online. I don't have my notes but I enjoyed Elder Yamashita and sister Reeves and others but I don't really remember haha Will have to read the November Ensign and also you can watch them on if you're curious. Super worth it even if you're not a member. But yeah that was pretty much our week.

Will keep you updated, till then, God Speed!

-Elder Toly