Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week #59

Alright, Alright. Heres the deets of this week in the life of Elder Toly. 

This was a pretty good week

Monday we had our usual Pday.

Tuesday we met with a couple less active members which went well enough.

On Wednesday we met with one of our investigators who is a friend of the bishops and isn't interested in joining, but agreed to letting us come and "practice" our teaching on him which we hope will soften his heart. We also met with a ysa member in the library for a lesson and talked about how we can share the gospel online. I almost left a book of Mormon in one of the Library shelves, but took it out when I realized what section I had placed it in.

On Thursday we had a zone meeting which went pretty good and it talked about charity which is something Elder Pollard and myself want to work on. We then met with one of our investigators who we set a date for baptism with. He's still unsure but took a step and we agreed on one. We taught him the word of wisdom which is for those of you who don't know the lesson we teach people which outlines the things God has told us not to take such as coffee, tobacco, tea, alcohol, addictive substances and illegal drugs. Huge testimony on this as I've been on the mission and really do know we're not supposed to take these things. Our investigator knew it too but just wasn't sure if he was ready to take that step so we invited him to study it out and then to pray and ask God if it's true. We got a call later that day and some other missionaries saying one of their investigators was in the hospital and they asked us to go visit her and we did and fun thing that happened is we found one of our investigaotrs whom we had lost contact with for a while (the same one whose house we ran out of cause his parents don't like Mormons) and it turns out he had been there for almost 4 weeks. Nuts!

On Friday we went to Keswick which is North of Newmarket and has a ton of members. We went by a couple less actives. One is an old Hungarian lady whose seems super young because of her lingo. We found out that she has a little bit of a racist streak in her, but I guess she grew up in a different time.

On Saturday we finally got to meet this guy who had called our church and it turns out he really likes how our church is active with our missionaries going out and had seen the missionaries' in Windsor. We taught the whole first lesson in a grocery store and he was pretty down to learn more.

Sunday was good. We went to an investigators house for dinner. His kids are both members. One is on a mission is Germany and the other is going to school in Utah. Doesn't get more Mormon than that haha. He just needs to get baptized.

Monday we still had a regular day but we got fed lunch by some members the Chius and got to play with their swords.

 We also got to meet a couple less actives. We then got to have dinner with a member in a famous all you can eat place here in Ontario called the Madarin. We ate sooo much and Elder Pollard who has a black hole as a stomach just amazed me.

 We also went contacting around a lake and took a survey asking people what they were grateful for which was pretty fun. What are you all grateful for? ( I mean other than having the opportunity to read this blog letter right? ;))

Elder Toly

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