Monday, October 31, 2016

Week #62

Week 62: This was a good week.

Monday we had a surprise dinner with Bishop Carleton who is awesome. The guys a legend and so is the delicious stew he made for us.

Tuesday we didn't have a lot planned so we went with intention of knocking a ton of doors with the motivation we were doing it for the Lord. Miracle happened though and the door opened and we were let into the home of a young theology student studying at York university. It went really great and we taught the whole first lesson and he had asked some solid questions so we left him with a plan of salvation pamphlet and he already had a book of Mormon which we committed him to read and pray about. we will be seeing him this upcoming week again which is awesome! We also met with a returning member who is awesome. She is ridiculously funny and had us almost peeing our pants we were dying haha. Wednesday we had district meeting which went well. We then went out to this place called works burgers. They have over like 50 kinds of burgers and there are some crazy options like reese's pieces filled patties (I'm getting that one next time I go) and I got this burger with different kinds of bacon mixed in it and with the toppings. Supper not good for you but good for you if you know what I mean. We also met with someone we had been working with for few weeks. Last week we gave him a blessing and since then his health has improved and he is reading and praying and came to church for the second time in a row.

Thursday we found a new investigator and taught one of our old one and showed this video called "the hope of Gods light" go check it out on its stellar. We also did some service in which Elder pollard didn't have to clean out kitty litter but we did have to rake leaves in the snow which was new.

Friday was a decent day and we met with a person or 2.

Saturday was great. We had a new person show up to our English class from the Czech republic. We also went to Keswick and met a couple returning members there. We then went to meet one of our investigators at a public place and our member who wasn't apparently going to make it maybe showed up and it went pretty decent. He had read the book of Mormon and the restoration pamphlet and done the questions at the back.

Sunday was good and we got to hear a great talk on family councils. We also did this service thing our ward does which is bring leftover bread from a bakery to our church where non-members, neighbors and members can come get some stuff and this week there were a ton of pastries. That's pretty much the week though. We also had a dinner Sunday night where I was given some life changing advice. Don't get the gravy at KFC. haha

Love you all!

-Elder Toly

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