Monday, November 28, 2016

Week #66--Sooo many miracles

Week 66:
Ok. Wow. This was a crazy week. Sooo many miracles, I don't even know if I'll remember them all!

Monday- Of course we had our usual prep day and did the normal things like emailing and sports. We went and dropped by a couple investigators and taught them the importance of keeping commitments. So repentance is changing/growing and thats the whole reason why we're here on earth. And commitments are a way of repenting. So when we invite people to keep commitments we invite them to repent and in turn help them to achieve the basic purpose of our life here on earth. We don't invite people to read or pray or come to church just for fun as missionaries or to see if they'll do it or even to just get them baptized (although that is a part of it) We do it to help people change and to become more like God. We then went to FHE and had a great lesson on how the savior can help us bear our burdens.
Tuesday- We had service planned but it fell through so we went contacting and found a couple new people to teach. One guy we found said that it was his New Years resolution to develop his spirituality so he wanted to meet up and find out how. That was pretty cool and nice to see that the service wasn't supposed to work out for a reason. So we saw our inestigator from the day before and that went well. Then later we met with a guy who races cars and brought a member and taught him and it went so well and the member was a recently returned missionary so we taught in a trio and the guy was so willing to read and pray and ask God if what we shared was true. So solid.
Wednesday- Went to a place called Bowmanville and had district meeting. After that we met with an investigator out there with a member and taught him with a member. Then later we went back to Oshawa and taught another investigator. It was going well and then we got to talking about prophets and he started taking over and couldn't grasp the concept of them and it just went crazy from there. So instead of just saying what we knew. We listened and asked some inspired questions to which humbled him and the Spirit took over as we taught the rest of the lesson and by the end was so different and loved us and how we were missionaries and were amazed that people do this and just was like a friend really. So cool to see how the Spirit can change hearts. We then met and did some family history at the church with one of our new converts which was pretty good and then played some basketball with a group of guys of which a couple were nonmembers and all the running killed me haha. Made me realize how much I'm out of shape.
Thursday actually did some service. We then picked up a member and met at a Tim Hortons with the guy we had found a few days earlier with the News Year Resolution. It was funny cause at the table behind us there were like six ministers from another church. The lesson was soooo cool though. We talked about the pre earth life and our purpose here. The guy was just soaking everything up and just had a glow in his eyes and was so excited to read and come to church. So cool. We then went to the returning members house who came to church for the first time in 12 years and he was doing soo good. It was awesome and the same member who came to the lesson with the investigator before came to this one and had actually met the returning member like 10 years earlier and after the lesson and said he was so different and was amazed. When we were about to drop him off and had said for thanks for coming he said "I'm thankful for today" it was super cool.
On Friday we found a couple more people to teach.
On Saturday we had some things not work out but ended up meeting with one of our new converts and he taught us the restoration and then after we just talked and it was super Spiritual and he opened up a lot.
On Sunday we had 3 nonmembers come to church. One was this black guy who we were supposed to meet the day before. He really enjoyed it and and at the end went up to our branch President and thanked him for his talk. It was cool too cause he played Football and was a defensive back and thats exactly what I was so I also enjoyed talking with him about that. We also went to a members house for dinner and after the meal we presented the question "Why do you believe in God?" It was amazing cause almost everyone participated (and there was quite a bit of people) and the first one to answer the question was the son who was less active. Super amazing to see God bless us with a sick week.

Love you all! Love Elder Toly

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week #65 many miracles

Week 65:

Woah. This was a crazy good week! We saw many miracles and cool things! Heres a recap though...

Monday- We had our usual pday activities which was fun and then after went to a awesome family's called the Magliolis. On the way there though all the traffic lights went off and the power just completely was gone in most of Oshawa. so we had dinner in the dark with like 3 candles which was nice. Not ideal, but nice. For the message we shared a message of Matthew 5 which talks about being a light for others. Just as the candles in that room were the main focus the illuminated everything else making things more clear and easier to perceive. We can show that light to others in our own lives and through the gospel they can see the bigger picture. Without those candles we would have had an extremely difficult time eating our food. It reminds me of a quote said by C.S Lewis which says " I believe in God like I believe in the sun. Not because I can see it, but because by it I can see everything else."

Tuesday, we met with our returning member who came to church for the first time in 12 years last Sunday. He is on fire spiritually and had read the book of Mormon again in one week. He reminds me of the prodigal son cause he told us he had told his dad who lives in another city that he had gone to church that Sunday and he said it made his dads week (probably more than just his week) which is because the Gospel is really the best and at the end of life the only way to have joy and happiness so that's why parents do everything they can to help their kids grow in it. Because they just want their kids to be the most happy. Anyways though we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy and asked what he could do to keep it more holier. He pointed towards his TV, video game and internet and said he would not turn them on at all if it was Sunday. Our member with us was amazed and it was a miracle especially since we didn't commit him to do that. He did it himself. When we use the Atonement, we will know the right thing to do. We were also able to see our investigator and started teaching his 2 friends a couple times. They're all from Jamaica and one of the times we taught it was night and we could hardly see them. Haha.

Wednesday- I went to Peterborough for exchanges and that was good.

Thursday went and did some service.

Friday we went to district meeting and is was good. Talked about commitments are how we repent and show God that we want change and follow him. That's why we invite people to do thing like read, pray and come to church to help them grow and repent. We then had crepes after which were good. So after we had planned to go to Bowmanville and do some work around there because we had more people to see there but Elder Jackson had the impression so go to Ajax but we didn't cause it didn't make sense. At the district meeting though we got a teaching record of a former investigator (someone who once met with the missionaries but stopped) and she lived in Ajax so we went and met with her aunt who was a member and got more info and also she told us about her less active son and gave us his number so we called and invited him to basketball at the church and he said that would be something he would be interested in. We told her and she was so excited it was awesome. We also stopped by a member who hasn't came to church in a year cause she got a job that is on Sundays but we just talked and asked her how she was doing spiritually. Later that night she texted us saying the missionaries hadn't stopped by in a long time and thanked us for our visit. Pretty cool miracles.

Saturday we had Stake Conference in which our mission President came to. The adult evening session was focused on the Restoration of the Gospel. It was amazingly good.

Sunday morning I was reading my Patriartichal Blessing which talked about petitioning God when I needed help so I prayed we would have someone we could find to teach that would be committed. Within 2 hours we received a media referral. So crazy. We also had dinner at one of our favorite family's the Lefrances for dinner.

Have a great week! -Elder Toly 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week #64 To Oshawa

Week 64: Alrighty crazy week with the transfer, but I'll try my best.

On Monday we had a great P-day as we went up to Barrie and played sports. We had had a challenge and our team had won and so we got to throw some pies in the losing teams faces which was super fun. We then returned to Newmarket where we had a lesson with an investigator and her main question was how she could raise her kids better and we were pumped because the gospels like the best way.

On Tuesday we had transfers so we went to Brampton and I got my new companion Elder Jackson whose 6 foot five inches and came out with me so it was awesome. We then went back and found 2 new investigators which was sweet.

The next morning on Wednesday we went and met with the branch president who is sweet. From there we went to a district meeting about revelation through prayer and really if we want answers we have to be willing to work for them and show God we truly need his help. After that we went and did some service for some members by taking out the brick flooring in their basement. We then went to a families place who had two little kids who love the missionaries. It was sweet. Then went by one of our new converts from Venezuela who got baptized 5 weeks ago. He's awesome.

Next day we met with some less active YSA (young single adults) one of which had not gone to a sacrament service in 12 years. We taught the plan of salvation and kept tying it into church and at the end when talking about the Celestial kingdom we asked what might be keeping him from going there and he said church and we told him we could get him ride there and back and he said he would come.

Friday we went to another district meeting which focused on planning and was really good. We practiced teaching 2 times. One after we had planned the lesson and the other with no planning and you could see the difference. It was cool. We also met with a couple new converts. One who got baptized a month and a bit ago. She's pretty funny and sassy and then we met with another new convert as well. We then went and drove to Peterborough and stayed with the elders there for the night cause there was a baptism there the next day.

Saturday- we went to the baptism and also met with an investigator to which we taught the restoration and invited him to read the book of Mormon.

The next morning we went by and he had read it but only a couple of pages but that was sweet how he did read. We went to church and it was interesting, just a bunch of young people . Not really used to that and especially on a mission where you are dealing with older people a lot of the time. The guy I was talking earlier came to his first sacrament service in 12 years and he loved it and felt the spirit so strong and at the end he said he felt like crying. It was so cool and made me almost feel like crying . After church we met with the Stake Presidency and discussed missionary work in the stake and how it was going. It was cool to see some experienced leaders in action. We then went and had dinner later at a cool member families place. That's the week though.

Love you all! -Elder Toly

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week # 63

Week 63:

Man the weeks are literally just flying by! Dang! This was a pretty good week.

On Monday we went for a district lunch at this Mexican place and then played sports here at the chapel.

Tuesday was crazy. Almost nothing went according to plan and we were pretty busy. We got a call from a sister in the Spanish branch who had a friend that needed help moving so we went and helped. We also taught a lady who was taking a break from her other church and also a media referral. We also had a dinner appointment that was rescheduled 3 times in the same day so that was pretty interesting haha. One of our returning members was doing great when we saw him as well so it was a great day.

For Wednesday to quote my journal "Tracted and contacted our hearts out" haha We were able to teach an investigator but it didn't go so great as they've decided to not to meet with us. We taught a man from the catholic church. At first he wasn't interested and said he was catholic. We then asked what the catholic church believes about where we came from before this life (it was a trick question cause we know they don't believe in a pre earth life) and he thought about it and couldn't think of anything so he went and got his coat and came outside where we taught the plan of salvation.

Thursday I went to Orangeville for exchanges where my companion scared someone by saying hello as he was biking behind him and they spilt their coffee (not the worst thing in the world to spill though eh?aha)

Friday we had zone council which was super good. After Elder Pollard and I went to this place called The Works Burger and got these burgers that are filled with peanut butter and chocolate and have bacon and peanut butter chunks on top haha its name should be diabetes. The peanut butter part of it was good but I did not enjoy the chocolate part and the deep fried onions on top. We also taught an investigator and went by a members who calls his little girl chlochlochabumbum (trying saying it fast) we found it hilarious haha.

On Saturday we had a few miracles. We found two new investigators who lived next door to each other and while walking down the street we stopped to talk to a guy at the mail box and said we were missionaries and he said that he served a mission and I asked him for what church and he told us for ours. It turns out he was a member of our church that had gone on a mission but after getting back and getting married had gone less active coming out sporadically and in the last 2 years not at all. We asked him if he was still reading the book of Mormon and he said no. We then asked him if he was still praying and he said he prayed for the first time in two years...last night. We asked him what he prayed about and he said forgiveness and guidance. Daaaanng! We then met the next day and its amazing cause he was living somewhere other than where the records had said so it was thought that the info was lost. We were literally an answer to this guys prayer. It was crazy and there's no way it was a coincident cause of different factors. It felt good to know that the Lord trusted us to make us the answer to this man's prayers. So Crazy!

The next day was church and transfer calls and I am now going to Oshawa and am serving in a YSA branch so that will be exciting. I'm going to miss the people here in Newmarket though and appreciate all they have done for me.

Have a great week! -Elder Toly