Monday, November 7, 2016

Week # 63

Week 63:

Man the weeks are literally just flying by! Dang! This was a pretty good week.

On Monday we went for a district lunch at this Mexican place and then played sports here at the chapel.

Tuesday was crazy. Almost nothing went according to plan and we were pretty busy. We got a call from a sister in the Spanish branch who had a friend that needed help moving so we went and helped. We also taught a lady who was taking a break from her other church and also a media referral. We also had a dinner appointment that was rescheduled 3 times in the same day so that was pretty interesting haha. One of our returning members was doing great when we saw him as well so it was a great day.

For Wednesday to quote my journal "Tracted and contacted our hearts out" haha We were able to teach an investigator but it didn't go so great as they've decided to not to meet with us. We taught a man from the catholic church. At first he wasn't interested and said he was catholic. We then asked what the catholic church believes about where we came from before this life (it was a trick question cause we know they don't believe in a pre earth life) and he thought about it and couldn't think of anything so he went and got his coat and came outside where we taught the plan of salvation.

Thursday I went to Orangeville for exchanges where my companion scared someone by saying hello as he was biking behind him and they spilt their coffee (not the worst thing in the world to spill though eh?aha)

Friday we had zone council which was super good. After Elder Pollard and I went to this place called The Works Burger and got these burgers that are filled with peanut butter and chocolate and have bacon and peanut butter chunks on top haha its name should be diabetes. The peanut butter part of it was good but I did not enjoy the chocolate part and the deep fried onions on top. We also taught an investigator and went by a members who calls his little girl chlochlochabumbum (trying saying it fast) we found it hilarious haha.

On Saturday we had a few miracles. We found two new investigators who lived next door to each other and while walking down the street we stopped to talk to a guy at the mail box and said we were missionaries and he said that he served a mission and I asked him for what church and he told us for ours. It turns out he was a member of our church that had gone on a mission but after getting back and getting married had gone less active coming out sporadically and in the last 2 years not at all. We asked him if he was still reading the book of Mormon and he said no. We then asked him if he was still praying and he said he prayed for the first time in two years...last night. We asked him what he prayed about and he said forgiveness and guidance. Daaaanng! We then met the next day and its amazing cause he was living somewhere other than where the records had said so it was thought that the info was lost. We were literally an answer to this guys prayer. It was crazy and there's no way it was a coincident cause of different factors. It felt good to know that the Lord trusted us to make us the answer to this man's prayers. So Crazy!

The next day was church and transfer calls and I am now going to Oshawa and am serving in a YSA branch so that will be exciting. I'm going to miss the people here in Newmarket though and appreciate all they have done for me.

Have a great week! -Elder Toly

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